It's All Greek To Me

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It's All Greek To Me

Postby RobertaSparrow » 20 Sep 2018, 10:57

As some of you may know, one of my tasks here is to try to keep Rory's time line, the history of his work (This Day In Rory History) up to date. Many of the postings on the website here have references to YouTube videos, posted by and for Rory's fans all over the world. A lot of these links get outdated and no longer work, so, when I come across an outdated video link I try to find an updated version of that same clip that will still play. I came across one such outdated links today, using search terms Rory Gallagher Athens 1981, a clip that featured one of the sax players Rory worked with. In so doing, I came across this:

The photo clip shown is one from the concert in Athens where an unrelated riot occurred and in their zeal, the riot spread to the venue, and authorities used tear gas which made many people at the venue, band included, very ill and requiring oxygen. Rory is shsown being helped off the stage and in need of oxygen in that photo. I opened the clip, it appears to be a newsfeed of sorts, the music track played in the background is Bad Penny (one of Rory's best performances of that tune BTW), but here it is used as a background for the entire clip. The clip shows a football game, video clip of the Rolling Stones, a short clip of Taste, the aforementioned riots, mention of Rory again, then some clips of Rory's equipment being set up and some stills of Rory and band. The voice over is in Greek, as are the writings in the clip. I post it here for your review. Anyone care to interpret, give us the gist of the article? Please do. Rory appears first at 01:13 of the clip:
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