Irish Examiner mentioning Rory

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Irish Examiner mentioning Rory

Postby Irishcelticgirl » 09 Jul 2017, 13:32

Irish Examiner article.png
Irish Examiner article.png
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Re: Irish Examiner mentioning Rory

Postby Jay Jay » 14 Jul 2017, 09:53

Thanks Irishcelticgirl for putting this article up from the Irish Examiner..

Plus for reminding us how Rory at his concert gigs was so much more value for your money..
Than the concerts of today cost £££ or $$$ .. For a BAND not even close to The RORY GALLAGHER BAND Live calibre ;)

Rory Tickets (2).jpg

Rock On for Rory
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Re: Irish Examiner mentioning Rory

Postby SUBY1974 » 17 Jul 2017, 13:58

Its amazing how much concerts cost back in those days compared to today! Ger told me when the promoter asked Rory if he wanted to do Macroom, he did not hesitate. He said, "Let's do it". He never asked about any fee etc. I did look out at the field where the legendary festival held was in Macroom. I believe it was Ireland's first outdoor rock festival. Rory and his band were real pioneers. Subrata.x
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