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Re: The Loop

Postby Metra23 » 09 Jun 2016, 23:13

Why Suby? I've never been to London so am not familiar with the underground tube stations. But if it's like our subway stations, I can see why it might be unappealing.
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Re: The Loop

Postby Metra23 » 09 Jun 2016, 23:21

Anna Maria, the Allegro is quite elegant with great city views.

Yup, I'm more of a mini-golfer myself too!
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Re: The Loop

Postby CiaSeattle » 10 Jun 2016, 14:38

Jay Jay wrote:Rory Mcilroy did get his name "RORY" from our Rory Gallagher if you didn't know. I've been told by good authority that RM's parents are RG fans..
They used to go and watch RORY at the Ulster Hall Belfast in Northern Ireland :)

I did not know that! I don't really follow golf myself, the only reason I knew of Mcilroy is that he pops up when you Google "Rory" :)

Anna Maria, I hope you had time to visit some of the museums in Chicago, they are some of the best in the US.
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Re: The Loop

Postby ailish78 » 10 Jun 2016, 17:13

I reference to AnnaMaria's post. There is a famous gaelic footballer called Rory Gallagher. How often do you think I've got him instead of our Rory when trying to look something up.
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Re: The Loop

Postby RobertaSparrow » 10 Jun 2016, 18:20

AnnaMaria wrote:What is Rorys The Loop about? Trains, rollercousters???? Or something else?
Just got back from Chicago and I stayed at a hotel just beside their trainsystem The Loop and it made a terrible noise though rather fun to watch in daylight.

And here she is:

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Re: The Loop

Postby AnnaMaria » 10 Jun 2016, 19:44

SUBY: I just have to tell you. I´ve been in London many times and I LOVE the town. But the Underground system-I just don´t seem to understand it. I´m always at the wrong train or wrong direction or whatever. Last time I grabbed a person to get some help on a train:

"What color is this?" Me pointing at a yellow pole inside the train. Yes, I know...but please remember that my language is not English.
"Err...well...I think it´s yellow" He´s looking like I´ve escaped from a mental home.
"Yes, yes, I know that but where am I going?"
"I don´t know where you are going, where are you going?
"Where they got their heads chopped off you know"
"Sorry, got to rush!!!"
"Tooooowweeeeeeeeerrrrnn! .....please anyone!"

After some reserarch I found out that I was on the wrong train BUT I found Towern.

CIASEATTLE and AILISH: I thought the footballer Rory Gallagher was the golfpalyer! And I thought (for some reason) that Rory Mcilroy was an actor. Thanks for making it clear. When I was talking to the guy from Ireland I was surprised he wasn´t choosing the right person. BUT...then again, what if I managed to say Royal Gallagher? It has happened before so probably it´s my fault everything.

CIASEATTLE: The museums are really nice there. By the way I was in Seattle for a night in September. Woke up beside "Lawless Harley Davidson Renton" The weather was nice and so where the people.

ROBERTA; Thanks for the "L" films. I´ll be taking one of them to Towerna now.

And thanks to The Loop I started to listen to Fresh Eveidence again. Sometimes I find it too dark but now it was nice to hear all the songs again. Slumming Angel and Heavens Gate mmmmm.....
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Re: The Loop

Postby JimLED » 10 Jun 2016, 21:50

And here's another question. How often Rory used the subway services, which prompted him to write a song about it?
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Re: The Loop

Postby AnnaMaria » 10 Jun 2016, 22:02

I think I read somewhere that he used the bike once to the airport in Cork. But that must be a joke or?
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Re: The Loop

Postby SUBY1974 » 11 Jun 2016, 22:54

Hi Metra and Anna, I love London as its my birthtown and I live in the suburbs. London has great attractions and there is always something to do.
For me, its the journey to work in the rush hour. That is when its at its worst. Train carriages are packed and its difficult to breathe. In hot weather its worse. People are like quashed sardines in a tin.
Most people read or listen to music. I do listen to Rory of course and meditation apps on my phone. Its about being calm.
On Friday 13/05/2016 ( yeah unlucky day) I was travelling to work on the Northern Line and someone
fell under the tracks in Kennington. The person later died and I was upset to hear the news. My condolences and prayers to the family. It was on the news.
The train delay was awful and it was so packed. We were stuck at Belsize station and I could smell smoke. The lady next to me said ,"Stick your earphones back in and listen to your nice water music. Don't panic".So I did. I think the trains's engine overheated.
The station was evacuated and I had to climb 300 stairs to get to the top. Talk about keeping fit!!
Londoners, the police,rail staff and bus staff were wonderful. They got me onto the right bus to work.
In Europe you don't see this problem. I travelled in Europe subways and in New York to. Its clean, punctual, no overcrowing - just WOW.
I think it is a cultural problem in the UK. Londoners just rush,rush and rush. Its get more overcrowded with people and cars!! I will have to go back to the Home Counties at some point and live on London 's fringes. Because I will not give up on London's cultural and creative heart.
Also nobody as time for one another. That's is why Cork was so different. People had time. The pace of life is slower. If I went around London saying "Hello" or "Good Day" to anyone they will me as if I am mad. I think it's a crime to laugh in London. Some people look so miserable. Well they look misrable going to their nine to five grind. No wonder the energy is so negative and dense here. Mind you in rush hour people are calm. We all are. No point getting grumpy or panicky.
I think Anna you were travelling on the Circle Line to Tower Hill? Circle line is yellow. When I started University it took me a while to get use to London tubes. Subrata.x
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Re: The Loop

Postby SUBY1974 » 11 Jun 2016, 23:01

Good footage of London Tubes. Subrata.x
If Rory had written a song on London Tubes it would have been interesting . London.Tube Blues come to mind.
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