A Gift From Rory!

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A Gift From Rory!

Postby RobertaSparrow » 02 Mar 2016, 18:57

Capo had posted a reference to this, but then had taken it down. And it is also posted on the main page, but for those of us who just charge straight to the Forum part of the site and don't necessarily read the news portion, here I have copied it:

On Rory’s birthday (March 2nd) we’ve been given a gift from the RTE archive an, unseen since broadcast, interview with Rory from 1983, titled “The Warmth and Humanity of Rory Gallagher”.

You can watch the 9 minute video by following this link http://www.rte.ie/archives/2016/0302/77 ... gallagher/

From the article:

Rory Gallagher talks to reporter Carolyn Fisher for the programme ‘Ireland’s Eye’.

Playing a 1933 guitar in the surrounds of the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Rory Gallagher talks about the latest trends in music, and the alternative scene saying

"There’s so much formula now and so much microchip music that it’s getting a bit too... sort of one dimensional. I like music with a bit of warmth and humanity in it."

Rory Gallagher has achieved considerable success in the USA with his brand of blues and rock and has just completed his 21st tour, playing everywhere from the small clubs of the college circuit, to the the big open air gigs which he finds more challenging. His success is also evident across Europe, having recently performed a concert in Germany which was televised throughout Europe to 25 million people.

Rory Gallagher performs a solo acoustic version of the song “Ride On Red, Ride On”.

This interview took place on 19 July 1983 and was broadcast as part of the programme ‘Ireland’s Eye’ on 3 August 1983.


It is wonderful to see these interviews being re-released again! And thanks Capo for keeping us posted!
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Re: A Gift From Rory!

Postby SUBY1974 » 04 Mar 2016, 00:52

Thankyou Capo for posting this video. It was an absolute joy to watch. I agree with Ciaseattle that I like Rory as a mature man. Here he would have been 35. He looks happy and well. I love the way he sits on the armchair to play his cherished National guitar and he is so laid back and so down to earth, friendly and warm. You can't help but the love the guy. :mrgreen:
He is so full knowledge. I agree with him about the music industry. Its even worse now. I think I have some good taste in music - well I love RG for starters! :mrgreen: I listened to Justin Bieber, Baby Baby,Baby and it was like please pass me the puke bucket. My brother agreed and he has a good ear for music That is the kind of music we hear these days and I know it is a teenage song but it was terrible. In fact to prove I was correct,it was voted as one of the worst music videos and song on you tube. Justin, I feel could be a really good singer and songwriter in his own right. But the music industry have a set way of doing things.
I like how Rory says he likes the alternative:- the warmth and humanity of music. Today there are so many great underground bands out there. Thankfully the internet is giving them visibility, as it is doing for Rory and his music.
I have a pretty good idea what Rory would have said about The X-factor!
He is so right about learning music through the roots up. No short cuts. Musicians out there can learn so much from him. He is so humble.
I was wondering if there was anymore lovely interviews like this with Rory, so thankyou RTE.
I love his Ride On Red performance at the end. The TV crew were very lucky.
Finally the interviewer looks like my drama teacher from the eighties. Her name was Miss Cliff. Her hair was a spunky,blonde colour. The interviewer also looks like Annie from the British soap EastEnders. Subrata. :mrgreen:
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Re: A Gift From Rory!

Postby SUBY1974 » 04 Mar 2016, 00:57

If I had been the interviewer, I would have given him a little kiss on the cheek at the end and say thankyou for the performance. Subrata.x :P
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Re: A Gift From Rory!

Postby ailish78 » 05 Mar 2016, 09:47

Thank you I've seen this. A lovely interview with a very charming Rory.x
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