Rory`s last concert

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Re: Rory`s last concert

Postby RobertaSparrow » 02 Dec 2015, 22:14

CiaSeattle wrote:While it is painful to see Rory in this condition, it is part of his life and shows how much he gave of himself for his music and his fans. His music pulls you in, and his story breaks your heart.

And remember he was doing what he loved most in life- playing his music before a live crowd. He literally lived for that. Yes, he was ill, but that does not take away from who and what he was. Life is fragile, and none of us are here for long. It is the human condition, he was a beautiful person, he was ill in his later performances, but he was the same man that he always was. I enjoy his music, his art, even though I can see, and can be touched, by the pain and sadness in these later performances. There is a passion and a sad truth in those later performances, and a resignation and acceptance in his voice that is heartbreaking. A plaintive cry in his voice that he wanted us to hear. That does not devalue these performances for me.

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