Robin Williams Has Died

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Robin Williams Has Died

Postby capo » 12 Aug 2014, 00:20

The great Actor and Comic and all around great human being Robin Williams has died. He took his own life. This is so sad. Brilliant, brilliant man. He will be missed.
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Re: Robin Williams Has Died

Postby innuendo » 12 Aug 2014, 08:43

rip robin
I watched as fear took the old men's gaze
Hopes of the young in troubled graves
'I see no day' I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal
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Re: Robin Williams Has Died

Postby RobertaSparrow » 12 Aug 2014, 11:42

Rest in Peace Robin, sad to see you leave us, you gave us what we needed most of all at times, a reason to laugh :)

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Re: Robin Williams Has Died

Postby SUBY1974 » 12 Aug 2014, 21:00

I was sadden and shocked to hear of Robin William's passing. He was a very funny and comic genius. Another famous person I grew up while watching TV now gone. Its so unfair. I was also shocked to hear of Mike Smith passing ( a famous UK Children's TV presenter and husband to Sarah Greene, former Blue Peter Presenter) as well. All people that I grew up watching on TV. Anyway my condolenses to all the familys, friends and fans. I also had another recent death in my family, a relative. I just feel numb and in September i have to face the anniversary of my nan's death on my mum's birthday. Why do people have to become ill and die? WHY???. Subrata. x
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