A certain kind of Taste videoclip

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Re: A certain kind of Taste videoclip

Postby Madrid74 » 03 Jul 2014, 01:33

RobertaSparrow wrote:Don't know for a fact, but I heard there are a couple of these unusual Taste promotional videos done by this same station back in the day. If anyone can find them, goes without saying we'd love to see them!

Yes Roberta I heard the same but up to now did't find anything else.

anyway and for those that hadn't seen the other one at the dump I post it here again
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Re: A certain kind of Taste videoclip

Postby Jay Jay » 04 Jul 2014, 08:12

This ain't a promo of Taste but a rare audio clip indeed. Apologies for the sound quality as took from old cassette tape.

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