Rory=one, two or three guitars???

Well that song she's humming, could make my guitar start strumming

Rory=one, two or three guitars???

Postby Tom Jonas » 10 May 2014, 19:27

I've had many recommendations to listen to other recent artists on Youtube after claiming that Rory was the greatest, Much of it is very good, technically perfect. But so perfect and absolutely boring, it might as well be pre-recorded and only acting (which I know it isn't). Nothing of the humming background sound from the speakers, fiddling with the amps, re-tuning the E-string during solos, a strained voice (showing the band with a gesture towards his mouth), the dripping sweat, feeling the Music physically. Everything that makes you feel as being present in the audience during the concert.
I definitely need a much better sound equipment for my DVD player to play it as loud and heartstopping as it must have been live.

Now my question,
Rory never needed a second guitarist. His playing sounds as if two or three guitar were present, How did he achieve this?
Using open chords in connection with his solos and licks. Combining chords an licks??

Just listened to Bonamassa. !00% bloody perfect, but the complete all-around sound of rocking guitar is missing. Its so empty from what we like, dissonating amps, backfeed, humming speakers, a voice strained from the performance.
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Re: Rory=one, two or three guitars???

Postby RobertaSparrow » 11 May 2014, 05:32

In Rory's live performances, he had an uncanny, synergystic dynamic with his audience and his musicians. That's so hard to experience outside of the live performances, and it was something about Rory's playing. He needed the feedback and reactions of the audience to spur him on, he took in that energy, that enthusiasm and processed it somehow into his performance, fed it back to us, and the audience fed off the energy he emitted when he played. I had several of his albums, and I wore them out playing them, but you could never get the same rush from the studio versions of the music as you could being there in the room with him as he played. He radiated joy out from his playing, he was just vibrant and happy, and yes it did sound like at least two guitarists were up there. He was gifted that way.

I've watched his YouTube performances over and over again, it's a little different for me, I remember vividly seeing him on stage, but watching him on video I notice things I never did at the time. What seemed to me like spontaneity at the time now appears to be almost a hyper-awarness- he's in the moment on stage, very focused and immersed in the music, and getting into it with the audience, at the same time he is focused on everything around him- the sound system feeds back, something isn't right with the backing musicians, you can see him signal to them when it isn't right, so subtle I never noticed it before.

How did he do it? Well . . . he was Rory Gallagher. It was what he was born to do. . .
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Re: Rory=one, two or three guitars???

Postby leprechaun1 » 13 May 2014, 03:07

robertasparrow I couldn't have said it better. after almost 30 yrs of playing guitar Rory to this day still amazes me.when I play his songs I feel his spirit with me, can't explain it. cameron crow said it best " it gets into your soul".
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