Great interview with Daniel

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Great interview with Daniel

Postby roryfan » 27 Mar 2014, 01:13

Here's a great new interview with Daniel about Kickback City and his
relationship with Rory.

check it out
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Re: Great interview with Daniel

Postby Madrid74 » 27 Mar 2014, 08:25

Thanks for posting it,

Up until that point my uncle had always said he was a musician to me, and I thought he'd said magician! At that point I went, 'ah, musician, right!' and worked out what he did for a living. I don't think I took the Rory t-shirt that I got off for the next week. He bought me my first guitar and showed me chords and stuff."

Children have an special insight, yes a musician is a magician they make magic with their music :D
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Re: Great interview with Daniel

Postby RobertaSparrow » 29 Mar 2014, 04:40

:) Found this on YouTube- Rory, Hammersmith Odeon 1987, perhaps this is the show that Daniel saw? 8-) Lucky- and got lessons from Rory as well 8-)

Daniel must have some wonderful memories of his uncle Rory.
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Re: Great interview with Daniel

Postby Jimmy » 29 Mar 2014, 19:49

Very nice

Re: Great interview with Daniel

Postby SUBY1974 » 31 Mar 2014, 20:43

Very nice interview and its lovely that Daniel shared his memories of see Rory. He was a good Uncle and it lovely how he helped Daniel in his early days as a guitarist. Subrata. x
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Re: Great interview with Daniel

Postby Tibbierocks » 02 Apr 2014, 09:43

Uncle Rory seems rather lovely. I only wish I had a supportive Uncle who could come round to mine for a sunday roast.
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