Another great read!

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Another great read!

Postby roryfan » 27 Mar 2014, 01:14

Dale Nickey sent me the link to a nice writeup he wrote on Rory to WordPress...including a clip of Rory ripping it on Shinkicker
R&R Hall Of Shame (Spotlight) – Rory Gallagher ... gallagher/

john g
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Re: Another great read!

Postby Madrid74 » 27 Mar 2014, 08:20

Honestlly I'll never give a dime for the R&R Hall of Fame, or more properly R&R Hall of Lame.
Thinking of latest years inductees shows how the commercial interests prime over achivements or artists career.
I suppose this will finish like L.A. Walk of Fame, if you pay you got your star.

Have a nice day

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