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Slash and Rory

Postby RobertaSparrow » 08 Jan 2014, 19:40

I'd seen the clip from the video, "Ghost Blues," of Slash speaking about Rory. This is a different clip, though- it was recorded shortly after Rory's death, and Slash's words seem very sincere and genuine. Rory touched many people in this way, that's why we remember him. **Warning- dicey language and colorful methaphors** but heartfelt, nonetheless-
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Re: Slash and Rory

Postby geekfreak » 11 Jan 2014, 14:57

Well thank you for posting it on the forum. Slash is like Rory for me. Cool Rock `n` Roll Icon.
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Re: Slash and Rory

Postby Tibbierocks » 11 Jan 2014, 17:01

I grew up a huge G N' R fan. would of loved to have heard Rory and Slash Jam.
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Re: Slash and Rory

Postby Jay Jay » 11 Jan 2014, 17:22

Tibbierocks wrote:I grew up a huge G N' R fan. would of loved to have heard Rory and Slash Jam.

Yes I can't believe someone didn't film this jam together @ The Roxy in LA?

Meanwhile here's a pic
slash 1.jpg

Slash Rory T shirt.jpg

Rock On for Rory
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