Another Reason Why Rory was Averse to Singles

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Another Reason Why Rory was Averse to Singles

Postby Jay Jay » 12 Dec 2013, 21:19

I'm just watching an old 'Sounds of The '70's' TV programme..
Some bands which I'm enjoying watching and listening to are Band Company, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth & Black Sabbath. Some of the clips of bands are from the Old Grey Whistle Test. Which Rory used perform live on frequently during the '70's. Yet others clips on this TV programmes they're showing with Black Sabbath & Bad Company are from Top Of The Pops. Whereby the bands had to mime / lip sync to promote their single records.

IMHO... RORY GALLAGHER and his band would never have done this sort of show. Pardon the pun..but this was just not to his TASTE ;)
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Re: Another Reason Why Rory was Averse to Singles

Postby photofinish » 12 Dec 2013, 21:42

Rory..would rather not have grates me madly seeing anyone mime...Quo offered to move there gear in to TOTP...and play live..was declined..but then they ended up excuse the keep the Status Quo
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Re: Another Reason Why Rory was Averse to Singles

Postby RobertaSparrow » 13 Dec 2013, 18:25

I don't think the lip-synching thing was so much the issue. And I have always thought artists look foolish doing that- especially some of those older shows, where the guitars aren't even plugged in (obviously before they had wireless), and you can see the drummers aren't even touching their drums. There were plenty of successful artists who didn't do that, released singles, and can be heard today. Rory's music, great as it was, is almost never played on those 70's stations, or in retrospectives, or even in film and TV, because it was never released in singles-form, so never reached "the masses."

IMHO, most of his reasoning for not releasing singles was based on misconceptions. We all have our character flaws and errors in judgement, and I thing Rory's refusal to release singles was a mistake. It's just my opinion, but he made his path so much harder by refusing to do that. As long as he retained control of the end result, it would have made his journey so much easier.

Some of his music would have done so well as singles, and I believe he could have released them without compromising his standards.

I've been trying to find the clip where Rory himself speaks about his aversion to releasing singles, I know I've heard him talk about it, but so far haven't found it. Seems he had made comments to the effect that releasing a single and having it chart like so many mega-hits of other artists, that it would forever place him in some category, confine him, in other people's perceptions, to a certain genre or style of music. He cited other artists whom he had admiration for, who had huge successes and, at least to his way of thinking, were forever typecast by some huge hit record as having one "sound" that they would forever after be known for.

I think he was wrong to think that way. Certainly many of the better-known artists who had huge hit singles do have a couple stand-out hits that they are most often remembered for, but for a true aficionado, an artist's overall body of work is not going to be limited by that myopic view.

And these days, when retrospectives and era-based programs are run of those years gone by, where we all know what impact Rory's music did have, on we fans who were there to hear him, and in those artists who were inspired by him and went on to their own successes, from the point of view of the "mainstream." Rory's music is virtually invisible. We who want so much for him to get the recognition which is his due, which he already earned, and paid so dearly for, we are left puzzling, struggling, brainstorming, to try to get that for him.

I did find this little snippet of an interview, where Rory speaks of how others tend to not cover his music, and how he would love to see others do that-

At 00:08:00 he begins to talk about his music covered by others 00:09:30, and how he would enjoy others covering his work- doesn't sound like he is speaking so much about others copying him note-for-note, but of others recording his music and doing it in their own style, he says:

". . . I'd get a kick out of hearing somebody else trying them, because they would show another light onto what I do , you know, but . . . we're working on that anyway, we'll see what we can do . . . "

Also, IMO, that is one of the most beautiful photos of Rory- the lens flare catches him in just the right light. My only criticism of the photo is, it looks like Rory is wearing a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer shirt. But I guess it suits the season :lol:
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Re: Another Reason Why Rory was Averse to Singles

Postby photofinish » 13 Dec 2013, 19:01

I got a tape in the Rory box..where he candidly speaks about not releasing singles and the reasons..must dig it out
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