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Re: Rory's voice

Postby RobertaSparrow » 21 Sep 2012, 20:18

Simone67 wrote:...I always love Rory`s voice !
I could listen to it all day and all night. I love his singing as well as his speaking voice. When he speaks,there is something very soothing in the voice,on top of the very interesting things he would talk about.-That is why I regularly listen to Rory interviews on the net,even repeatedly....,when I´m not listening to his music ! :D

You're so right- I love his singing, but he had a very sweet, soothing (and incredibly sexy) speaking voice, if he hadn't been such an amazing musical artist he could have done radio or TV work. It's also interesting how his speaking accent is affected by the country he is in, and he probably isn't even aware of it, but when he is being interviewed in Ireland his accent is much heavier- This radio clip is listed as The Record Plant in Los Angeles, but it also says Sausalito, which is a few hundred miles north of L.A. and was broadcast on Halloween, 1975. He's not having to shout over a crowd in a stadium, so between songs he's speaking quietly into the microphone, directly to his listeners-

At 09:40 Rory introduces his band, at 20:20 he talks about his rewrite of Bo Carter's All Around Man ( :shock: the original lyrics aren't really so much about living on the farm, and if Rory hadn't re-written them I doubt anyone would have ever heard this one on the radio), at 27:50 he introduces Tatoo'd Lady, 32:52 Cradle Rock and Bought and Sold, and at 41:46 he says his goodbyes. :cry:

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