Bob Dylan & Rory

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Bob Dylan & Rory

Postby tonetanner » 27 Feb 2012, 20:21

I know Rory admired Bob Dylan (I don't) - no offence intended. Anyhow, I've got a transcript of a couple of conversations Bob had with his 'gofer' in the 70's.

Bob: I need to learn some new blues tunes, what should I do?
Gofer: Well, Rory Gallagher has a new LP - 'Live in Europe'
Bob: What stuff does he play?
Gofer: Acoustic, harmonica, and a strat.
Bob: Like me?
Gofer: Like you...
Bob: Get me that album then.

two weeks later...

Gofer: So how you getting on learning those Rory tunes from that LP, Bob?
Bob: er - I won't be needing it. Go get me a Joan Baez LP :oops: .

what do you think of that?
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Re: Bob Dylan & Rory

Postby innuendo » 27 Feb 2012, 21:00


i'm not a fan of dylan, everyone is saying that his lyrics are great but that doesn't mean much when he is a terrible singer and can't put them across. that's why the best dylan songs are cover versions done by other artists like hendrix (all along the watchtower), guns n' roses (knocking on heaven's door), george harrison (if not for you), rolling stones (like a rolling stone), blackmore's night (times they are a changin')... i'm sure the list goes on
I watched as fear took the old men's gaze
Hopes of the young in troubled graves
'I see no day' I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal
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Re: Bob Dylan & Rory

Postby lonelymile » 27 Feb 2012, 23:09

I must admit that sometimes it's painful to listen to Dylan's renditions of his own songs, it's probably an acquired taste that many don't ever acquire. But his importance to American music, and folk music, is really immeasurable. He's a great writer, his songs are unique and really haunting, and for that he deserves to have legendary status.
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Re: Bob Dylan & Rory

Postby shadowplay57 » 27 Feb 2012, 23:42

To listen to dylan you have to be clinically depressed or a lemming. Here fill ya boots. ... CuXFkoxe5I
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Re: Bob Dylan & Rory

Postby chrissy d » 28 Feb 2012, 21:30

I was once doing work for someone and we got talking about music i sadi i was a huge RORY fan and he told me that Bob Dylan was his hero and he showed me a book he had were DYLAN was on about looking to cover COULD HAVE HAD RELIGION . From what i can remember it was a few years before RORY died !
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Re: Bob Dylan & Rory

Postby Faylool » 19 Sep 2017, 20:21

I read Rory had a message from Bob Dylan on the hospital table. I don't know if alone or with other messages. I gave Bob Dylan about 35 years rather obsessively and yes....he is depressing! I once put all his CDs in a box and tied it shut with knots all over so I could move on. Now Rory came along just this year for me and I have the same obsession but it's a lot more healthy for me. His words can be melancholic and some songs are deeply moving but over al he makes me happy and want to boogie. His screams or yeahs etc..or some of his out of nowhere guitar sound interruption or just a side note type thing make me laugh out loud. Bob Dylan is a lot better in the studiowork and bad live after the first several years performing whereas Rory is better live or at least more energetic and forward. His studio recordings are great too. So....Rory wins!
Ha ha. I did decide I was tired of Dylan but every now and then I put him on and aside from some bad memories associated with some very enjoyable still. They are both timeless and they are both highly original. Rory looks better by a mile!
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