My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

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My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby rockforest » 07 Dec 2010, 19:20

Hi, I just joined today! I did a search and did not find any reference to this concert. It was my third concert and first Rory experience. My sister saw him warm up for Rod Stewart the day teh war ended. She bought "live' and we were addicted.

The concert was in Central PArk as part of the Shaefer Beer Music Festival. Rory preceded the headliner, Aerosmith. In 1974, they sold beer in bottles to the crowd. Rory was really rocking it out in "bullfrog blues' when a man in a suit walked up and whispered in his ear. He told us this would be his last song and preceeded to repeat the song 3 full times. The crowd went crazy but no encore was allowed. As roadies were removing his equipment, people started to throw empty Shaefer beer bottles onto the stage. After a few starts and stops of the roadies and many announcements, Aerosmith took the stage. Their first song "long train runnin'" was interupted when a broken bottle was thrown and cut the drummer's arm. He stopped the song, told us what happened, threw his sticks into the crowd and proceeded to pound out a bare handed drum solo dedicated to the bottle tosser whom he called "F*cko". Rumor has it that this solo was performed at all their shows for a few years. I just googled it and it seems the drummer is still performing bare handed solos (in 2010). This was the last show of the festival and the following year it became Dr Pepper in paper cups...
So, Rory inadvertantly inspired a new young band which went on to huge fame and fortune. As a selfish fan, I was happy he did not make it to huge stardom. I was able to see him perform at small clubs for many fathers place in LI, L'Amour in Brooklyn, etc...

BTW, I believe irish tour '74 became the largest selling 'live' double album in history...until Frampton erupted.

DId anyone else on here attend that show. I have 35mm photos somewhere. Is there a place to post photos?

As a guitarist, Rory inspired me to shed the echo and phaser and just plug my '66 mustang into my sound city 120 amp...just a bit of overdrive. I did try a treble booster for a time, but did not like it...

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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby Jay Jay » 07 Dec 2010, 19:37

Hi RF, a very warm welcome to Roryland,

Thanks for sharing your Rory story :)
No problem posting photo's here especially of Rory. Just click on upload attachment below, when you write post ;)

Rory Live in Eorope.jpg

Cheers, Jay Jay
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Jay Jay
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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby Simone67 » 07 Dec 2010, 20:20

Hey rockforest,

welcome,and thank`s for writing to us that nice story !! -The" bare handed drummer-incidence" strongly reminds me of Bonzo Bonham !!Hhe used to do those incredible bare handed solos,too !!
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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby innuendo » 07 Dec 2010, 22:55

welcome to the forum rockforest. was that the show where rory stole the show? were people after third aerosmith song still shouting rory! rory!?
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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby JimLED » 07 Dec 2010, 23:22

welcome to that long Rory train, Rockforest! Don't try 'to run, run, Forest' :)))
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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby asdesas » 08 Dec 2010, 03:16

Welcome! What a great story, thanks for sharing. On the Ghost Blues DVD a journalist recalls seeing Rory open for Aerosmith in Central Park and how difficult it was for Stephen and Co to win the crowd back. You were there for history!!!!!!

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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby tonetanner » 07 Apr 2012, 21:52

You've set a high benchmark there - but make your next post BETTER STILL!
That's another story of Rory 'bending the rules' a bit - he must have been a tough nut in real life to have to deal with those thousands of stage managers who literally 'knew not what they did'.
what do you think of that?
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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby NY Chief » 18 May 2012, 20:32

[quote="rockforest"].my fathers place in LI, L'Amour in Brooklyn, etc...


Twice at MFP for me....the BEST venue to see a Rory show. He walked down the tables at one gig and walked right off the end of one! And never missed a note!

Aerosmith had a lot of problems with opening acts back then. In '76 Rick Derringer opened for them at MSG and BLEW them away.
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Re: My first Rory Show 9-7-1974

Postby vjesq » 10 Aug 2013, 03:36

Thought I would add my two cents...I was also at the show and in what was typical for the Schaefer Music Festival, the opening act (in this case Rory) did not align with the so called main act (a new group at this point, Aerosmith). Rory was incredible and left the crowd screaming "we want more, we want Ror"...all the rest of the evening...Aerosmith especially Tyler and Perry were awful that evening but it would have been hard for anyone to follow Rory that night. Funny as the original bill was for Savoy Brown to play instead of Aerosmith...anyway, the upshot is that Aerosmith was terrible and I remember telling one of my friends as we left a really crazy concert that the good news was that we would never hear from those sh**a** Boston Rolling Stone wannabes again....Guess I got that a little wrong one should have followed Rory that night....Sadly, the next time I saw Rory in NY was at a concert where he opened up for Robin Trower and Jethro Tull at Shea Stadium and he played to an almost empty house as concert started early!!...Anyway, we all miss the energy and guitar talent that was Rory in NYC...Glad I got to see him live a few times as he was at his best on stage...
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