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Re: Hello!

Postby vasdis » 24 May 2015, 06:30

SUBY1974 wrote:A warm welcome Paolo. I recommend The Rory Gallagher Essential album for newcomers to Rory's music. The album got me hooked onto Rory's music in 2007. Subrata.x

I can beat you by about 37 years,first heard Rory when On The Boards was doing the rounds amongst us ,bought it 2nd hand
(£1.25).The band i roadied for used to cover it.Then whilst returning from Cornwall Alan "Fluff" Freeman played Blister On The Moon on his Saturday rock show-wow what a song.The rest is history it must have been '71 when i heard Rory's self titled first album as i was in my last year at Technical College and played it to death while doing my homework especially Laundromat.(the track the band covered was Whats Going On).
Btw i was also at the time getting into the band where my user name comes from,but now due to politics re band
names i am rapidly losing interest.
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