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PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 20:20
by Bow
Hello All,

I've heard of Rory for years, but never "heard" his music. I was recently at an Eric Sardinas concert and he played "As The Crow Flies" and dedicated it to Rory Gallagher.. and that go me looking...

I recently picked up "Wheel within Wheels" on CD, and I purchased Irish Tour on Vinyl... but it is back-ordered... The Digital Download Rocks though...

Great music, incredible player and very inspirational individual.

Re: Howdy

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 20:38
by RobertaSparrow
Welcome aboard. Seen this one yet?

Re: Howdy

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2015, 09:11
by Jay Jay
Howdy Bow and a very warm welcome to RORY's world and his Official LT forum :)

Re: Howdy

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2015, 18:44
by Bow
Thanks Gents,

Yes Sir, I checked out Bullfrog Blues.. I'm currently Watching/listening to the You Tube Montreux 1977 concert...

Damn, he rips... why did it take so long for me to discover him? I have no idea...

Makes me want to dig my Strat out...