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Re: Rory's Music Collection

Postby Tibbierocks » 03 Mar 2015, 21:43

What I will aim to do if I get time will be to write and post elsewhere than here the main Rory board, a guide to listening to Scott Walker. Diving straight in at the deep end with his latter day work tends not to work. Got to get acquainted with the man and his work slowly and build from there. Straight in with the drift and a person might need medical help ;-) It can be done and it's very rewarding once you have gotten fully on board with him.
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Re: Rory's Music Collection

Postby SUBY1974 » 05 Mar 2015, 21:04

Tibbierocks wrote:I tried to listen to Ornette Coleman, the shape of jazz to come.. Hmm. Wasn't feeling that at all! Some people think Scott Walker's records are hard to listen to, but I think I found something way harder.

I thought at first Ornette Coleman was playing out of tune with his orchestra! As for Scott Walkers records it like bring in a creepy dark wood! However I do agree it great experiment with new sounds. Subrata.x
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