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Rory Refocus

PostPosted: 28 Jan 2015, 21:19
by RobertaSparrow
Rory's music and the wonderful memories around seeing him play in Los Angeles- combined with the age of the World Wide Web, are what brought me here to this forum in the first place, and I see this site,, as Rory's home on the internet. But I also look in and visit other Rory fan-based sites and pages pretty often. Needless to say, some of the drama (and IMHO psychodrama) of some of Rory's other fans (for lack of a better word) and followers left me a bit dismayed and disheartened.

I sort of lost focus a bit, with all the drama and melodrama amongst some of the other places and fans. We all have such strong emotions and feelings around this one special person. And sometimes some of the outside clashes, noise, and babble which have nothing at all to do with the man, his music, or the memories of him that crop up from time to time (thank goodness not too often) get in the way and sidetrack that which brought me here in the first place. So, this past week I've done something I haven't in a while, queued up on YouTube some of my favorites of his- ran these very special video moments through the big screen with surround sound, and did what I always loved to do when I got to see him live on stage, sat back and got lost in his music, his guitar mastery. My own time machine, my own version of the WABAC Machine.

I opened this time capsule-

Thanks Rory, I really needed that. And I'm looking forward to honoring you, Rory on your 20th.

So, which Rory moment would you like to revisit? Which time capsule will bring it back home to you?

:lol: RobertaSparrow

Re: Rory Refocus

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2015, 08:31
by AnnaMaria
1.Irish Tour because of the energy and joy of playing.

2. Hammersmith Odeon because Calling Card is my favourite album.