Rory Gallagher and rhythm guitar player?

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Rory Gallagher and rhythm guitar player?

Postby JimLED » 19 Dec 2014, 22:12

Hello Guys!

What do you think, why Rory never had a rhythm guitar players in his band?
He didn't like to share a guitar space or something else? :)
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Re: Rory Gallagher and rhythm guitar player?

Postby capo » 20 Dec 2014, 19:08

I recall reading a interview with the late Lou Martin where he mentioned on a few live dates he played rhythm guitar on I think "Daughter Of The Everglades", but it was soon abandoned, as Lou recalled , because he wasn't much of a guitarist. While in the studio Rory would use multi guitar tracks. live I think he loved the freedom and challenge of filling all the spaces on his own. Although interesting, on page 55 of Dan Muise's book on Rory, Gerry McAvoy recalled a time around "Jinx" that Rory toyed with the ideal of adding a rhythm guitar player, and jamming with one Tommy Willis, who Rory liked. Also, Derek St. Holmes, Ted Nugent's rhythm player was also considered, although nothing came of either situation. I always preferred Rory with just a drummer and bass, no disrespect to the great Lou Martin. Though I loved what Mark Feltham brought live, though he would leave the stage at times to leave Rory as a trio, too. Anyway.................
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Re: Rory Gallagher and rhythm guitar player?

Postby RobertaSparrow » 21 Dec 2014, 02:41

Rory's style of playing was so full anyway, I never noticed a void when Rory played, one where a rhythm guitar player was really needed, usually. A rhythm guitarist like John Lennon or someone like that, someone with a quirky sort of creativity might have given Rory a little inspiration to play off of, but Rory really filled in the space pretty good himself.

Back when Rory was playing it was not that common for a musician to have more than one band. Perhaps it would even seem somewhat disloyal for a musician to have more than one band. Not so much today, where you have musicians forming and reforming with their colleagues in various combinations. These days it is not that uncommon. Musicians such as Jack White, a regular member of more than one band simultaneously- White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, they branch out. Their art benefits for it.

In Rory's case in particular, I think he would have done well for himself to have mixed it up more with other musicians. Collaborating with a mix of musicians with different leanings, folk, jazz, he might have gotten some creative enjoyment out of that, that experimentation. We can only wonder.
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Re: Rory Gallagher and rhythm guitar player?

Postby maybeiwill » 21 Dec 2014, 22:15

I agree, Roberta Sparrow! Plus, if it was good enough for the OTHER guitarist of note (need I say Jimi,) who also filled the musical space quite thoroughly, why would we want any different from Rory?
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