A strange thing.

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A strange thing.

Postby AnnaMaria » 15 Dec 2014, 19:03

Have you ever experienced strange things that has to do with Rory or as in my case a look a like friend? I wondered so much why he(Rory) reminds me of someone. Now I know, at last.

When I was 16 years I started to work. 95% of the workers were men so you felt quite Young and unsure then. From the start I got myself a "guard" who Always looked after me and we became really good friends. He Always was on my side whenever I had problems even though he was 18 years older than me (I just came to know that a couple of weeks ago) Well, and he had this dark hair with curls, big little bit sad and melancholy blue eyes. At that time he looked like Rory. He was quite shy and in fact stammered a bit but when we took time to talk he wasn´t shy and we could talk about everything. Really everything. He was very polite and never made a fool of himself at all the Company parties we had and if there were drunk guys trying to cause you trouble he could tell them where to go. It wasn´t a love thing but it was a special thing. Many times after we had been talking he put his hand on my arm and he said "You are my daughter". He said this so many times even though he in fact had a daughter of his own. Well, we had this "relation" thing going on for 27 years until I left my job and went to another place.

We lost Contact after that and just bumped into eachother now and then in Town. Two weeks ago I met him again in a shop. I hadn´t seen him for a year I Think but he yelled at me and I got a big hug and we just laughed. This was what I came to know:
He: How´s my little daughter going on?
Me: Well, she´s just fine exept I´m not that Young anymore. When was your bithday again?
He: You kow that!
Me: Hm, I remember your coffecup with the fish.
He: Mhm.
Me: Are your birthday the 2nd of March?
He: You know that, I told you so.
Me: Ok, it is...but what year were you born?
He: You know that too.
Me: 1948?
He just gave me a big smile and a hug and said I was right.

So I had a "Rory friend/guard" without even know it for 27 years....
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Re: A strange thing.

Postby capo » 16 Dec 2014, 17:15

Yes indeed. It is "forsyn". :)
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