How did you first hear Rory?

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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby maybeiwill » 15 Oct 2014, 19:20

As I said in my introductory post (see "Greetings from Augusta, Ga.,) a music geek with whom I worked always was coming around talking to me about various groups/artists (this was in the early 70's.) One day he brought me a Taste L.P. to borrow. There followed more Taste L.P.s, then "Rory Gallagher," "Deuce," "Blueprint," "Tattoo" and the rest is history!!! Thanks again, Steve!!! You always rocked!!! :D
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby RoryRocksOn » 16 Oct 2014, 01:40

Was watching a 'guitar heroes' clip on YouTube, bored one night but also getting back into the music I loved when younger. Watched all the usual suspects before flicking to some random one called Rory Gallagher. Who he? Ha ha ha!!! What did I know!!! I had NEVER seen a performance like it before or since (believe me, I have checked) on TV or live (to my knowledge, may have been drunk at gigs or trying not to get trampled on).
Un-be-liveable! Obvious why he was known as 'the Celtic Tornado'!
I thought 'Tattoo Lady' was quite an unusual sound, which was interesting, then I noticed the most beautiful expression on his face as he sang. I was completely enchanted within seconds and, to be honest, I have never been the same since. After that, having googled him and found out, as I had somehow suspected whilst watching the video, that he is dead, I was sat sobbing on the sofa in the middle of the night because I would never meet him. "WTF??", I thought myself at the time, but I just didn't care - I was hooked, and always will be.
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby keltic wolf » 25 Oct 2014, 20:17

love reading you guys intros to Rory...esp. younger fans like myself who were born too late to see the great man in the flesh...first time I came across Rory was when I was about 16/17 going through a Who/Hendrix/Doors/Free obsession and was watching Isle of Wight vids. when I probably should have been studying for A levels...saw Tastes set on IOW well academic studying went out the window and studying Rory began... hooked ever since
Here I am...where are you?
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby Stevo » 25 Oct 2014, 22:12

First guitar magazine I ever bought was Guitarist June 87 with Rory on the front. Only bought it for a Stefan Grossman arrangement in the back, but liked the look of Rory's guitars, so I read the interview. Mentioned it to a mate who said "oh aye, Rory. Me dads got a few of his albums". He taped the Taste albums and Blueprint and Tattoo, and I was hooked straight away.
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby willie the pimp » 26 Oct 2014, 01:45

My best mate Jez bought Live In Europe hot off the press in 1972 and played it to me-and that was it-hooked at the age of 16!
I think I just missed Rory's Manchester gig that year, but went to see Rory early 73 at Manchester Free Trade Hall (maybe twice that year) and as often as possible after bands I remember are Strider, Greenslade, maybe Budgie.
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby baliman » 02 Nov 2014, 16:59

I used to listen all the time to WNEW-FM 102.7 radio in New York City. Scott Muni was their #1 disc jockey, who also happened to be friends with John Lennon. Anyway, in 1972 one afternoon, Scott read off the results of Melody Makers top guitar player poll. I was expecting him to say Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, etc. When he said Rory Gallagher, I said " who the heck is Rory Gallagher " ? A year or so later, I was attending a party at some musicians apartment - smoke, drinks, girls, the whole nine yards. I'm in the living room and one of the guys goes to the stereo and puts on some music. It was something I had never heard before, but sounded really good. I looked at the album spinning around and caught the song and the artist -
Walk on Hot Coals off of Blueprint by Rory Gallagher. I wrote the name down on a little piece of paper so I wouldn't forget - still have that paper 40+ years later !
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby whitten » 14 Nov 2014, 00:06

In the mid '90s my dad brought me home a copy of Irish Tour from a trip he had been on. I put it on and thought it was ok and went about my business. Once "As The Crow Flies'" came on I was blown away and played the song over and over. I thought the album was good but left it there. It wasn't until I seen the '76 Rockpalast show that I revisited Rory and the madness begun.
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby Madrid74 » 14 Nov 2014, 00:27

First time I listened Taste was at radio station late 69 or early 70, and I thought wow love this sound. A few months later some friends of mine went to the Isle of Wight festival, and one of the records they bought after the event was the "Taste" album.
From those days up to now Rory's music became an essential part of the soundtrack of my life.
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Re: How did you first hear Rory?

Postby Tom Jonas » 22 Nov 2014, 20:39

I had a recollection of having heard him recently when we were travelling on holiday by car in Britain 1975, or so. I bought a LP i Doncaster, no idea which one,but I was not much impressed. Such a pity!!
I missed all his performances in Sweden, have no idea how many times he appeared here.
Strange, we saw so many of the greatest during all our trips to London, but never Rory!
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