Who made the Montreaux DVDs?

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Who made the Montreaux DVDs?

Postby Tom Jonas » 10 Sep 2014, 19:39

After yesterdays mourning of a tragic Rory in January 1995, I had to listen to something when he really was the greatest. I chose "Bad Penny" from 1982 on one of the Montreaux DVDs.
The volume must have been incredibly high and he touched the impact which later other artist made before 40.000, or so, spectators in great arenas.

We miss a lot of the Montreaux-concerts, which I definitely am convinced were completely recorded; there are only 4-5 songs for every year 1975 to 1982, i.e. at least ten songs are missing from each concert.

Who made these DVDs?
Why don't we send a petition demanding that everything recorded is released as DVDs. This would be a great idea, now that we'll have the new Ireland-tour recordings available.
I am shure that Rory now will be hot stuff again!
Tom Jonas
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Re: Who made the Montreaux DVDs?

Postby Tom Jonas » 11 Sep 2014, 07:56

Thanks for that!
Obviously there was no more material saved from 1975, but the interview give us no information about what was left from the other years, 1977 to 1982. So we can still hope.
Has anyone contact with Daniel and could ask?
Tom Jonas
Posts: 130
Joined: 11 Jan 2014, 13:55

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