Taste the music???????????

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Taste the music???????????

Postby jedcop » 18 Aug 2014, 19:41

Right,lets stop and think for a moment, forget the Taste isle of wight tapes (it might never happen!) Lets look at something else the live Taste album. Where are the original tapes of the live in Montreux album?,i would imagine that the tracks on the original album are just a taster (sorry!) perhaps we could have the complete Taste Montreux show.....how about that then folks?.. jedcop
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Re: Taste the music???????????

Postby RobertaSparrow » 19 Aug 2014, 12:16

Not a bad idea, but . . . (and I readily acknowledge I don't know s**t from Shinola about the legalities) the whole problem with the music from that era. the Taste years, is it is stuck in a legal quagmire. I mean, yeah it's Rory's music, but there is the matter of those other two guys, and then who owns the actual tapes, the producer? the venue? the estate? Sounds like a question for one of the family. And if they're trying to pry those tapes loose from whomever, well, discussing it probably doesn't help.

But yeah, I'd love to hear them too.
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Re: Taste the music???????????

Postby no_noise_reduction » 20 Aug 2014, 15:56

I understand that the legal issue is mostly a problem between Sony Music and Universal Music (who own the Polydor catalogue). Maybe one day one of them will buy the other, which would be a good thing for the Taste case but a bad thing for the competition. I don't know, maybe it has become common practice among major labels to press rights or licenses to recordings for artist A in exchange for rights to recordings for artist B. I also understood that they could not release the IOW footage (for which they have achieved an agreement with its owner, Murray Lerner) because someone (sony?, Eagle Rock?) thinks that it will only sell sufficiently as a package including a reconditioned IOW audio CD (the IOW album itselg being owned by Universal).
Regarding the Montreux recordings ('Live Taste'), the only ones who could shed some light on the whereabouts of the masters and the possibility of additional material are probably the Gallagher family.
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