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In Your Town, Rory's Way With Lyrics=

Postby RobertaSparrow » 03 Aug 2014, 09:34

Stumbled across this on youtube, I was looking for Rory doing Buddy Holly's Words of Love (it was taped during a sound check) and saw this. Someone paired some mafia-type graphics with the sound clip, but that is definitely Rory. One of those little magic moments captured outside of a studio, but that give us another glimpse of what it was like to hear him in action live on stage. 8-)

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Re: In Your Town, Rory's Way With Lyrics=

Postby Tokeiihto » 03 Aug 2014, 13:50

That soundclip is from the Richard's Niteclub gig (Atlanta, 1973-09-15). One of the best recorded performances of 'In Your Town'. Too bad the whole beginning of the song is missing - the tape only fades in at the end of Rory's first slide solo.

Another great version of this tune - even though Rory's ad-libs of the "prison break" aren't quite as elaborate yet - is from the 'Alternate BBC Sessions' bootleg, recorded about one year prior to the one above. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it on youtube. :(
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