How Many Rory Fans visited Ballyshannon & Cork??

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How Many Rory Fans visited Ballyshannon & Cork??

Postby Jay Jay » 13 Jun 2014, 09:03

I'd like to know if we can the approximate amount of Rory fans, that were at The two tribute festival celebrations to Rory, in Ballyshannon & Cork?

I myself unfortunately could not afford to go to the two. Only going to the 4 day fest in Ballyshannon. Where this year I believe the crowds/ attendance seem just slightly down compared to the year before. I'd say around the 8 thousand mark?

They were a few friends I know going down to Cork. Suby how many do you reckon visited "Cork Rocks for Rory"?
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Jay Jay
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Re: How Many Rory Fans visited Ballyshannon & Cork??

Postby SUBY1974 » 13 Jun 2014, 21:57

Hi Jay Jay. Cork Rocks For Rory festival is a very intimate festival. Cyprus Venue only fills like 150 people. I reckon for Cork Rocks For Rory maybe 250 - 300 attended. It was an intimate gig. But what is so special about it is that most people who came to the gig knew Rory even from childhood. They knew his family, so the people who run the festival and those who attend create a "family" type atmosphere. They call themselves "The Rory Gallagher Family of fans and friends of Cork". As I will write in my review of the festival we were really looked after and we are now officially part of that family. The people of Cork love Rory very much and are so proud of him. You can feel the love but all of us fans are a part of the Rory Gallagher community and we all love him. Subrata. x
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Re: How Many Rory Fans visited Ballyshannon & Cork??

Postby RobertaSparrow » 04 Jul 2014, 17:37

I wanted to go to Ballyshannon and Cork this year, but I couldn't, I lost my job last year :( , and it really set me back. But my friend Jim McClymont sent me a box of Ballyshannon so I could enjoy it vicariously . . . :lol: Thanks Jim . . .

My Rory package contained: Clockwise from left to right, A Kickback City shirt; top center the festival program; right, the official Rory Festival shirt (my favorite), a set of Rory postcards (soon to be framed); bottom center, the Jed Thomas CD that features their music and some Rory tunes; and in the center, a slate plaque that has Rory and his mandolin playing "Going To My Hometown," over the sheet music of the same tune (wait, I think that is my favorite), and not pictured, a keychain with Rory and his Strat.

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