What Song Did You Wish Rory Had Performed Live?

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Re: What Song Did You Wish Rory Had Performed Live?

Postby RobertaSparrow » 29 Jun 2014, 10:49

Okay, I was thinking when I first saw this topic, "What song do you wish Rory had performed live?", I was thinking outside the box, lots of songs Rory wrote that I never saw him do live, his entire Taste catalog for one, because I didn't see him live until he was touring with his post-Taste band.

But there are a lot of killer rock and blues tunes that I would have liked to have heard Rory play, not necessarily that he wrote or was known for playing. And one that I'm certain he heard, 'cause he was a big Elvis fan, was this one:

I was never a big Elvis fan, but I remember my parents had the 45 of this one when the A side of it was a hit, I loved this song- came out in '58, so I was five years old, and I had absolutely no idea what the guy was singing about. But even at that age, I understood a lot of power and emotion was behind it, just because of the way it's done.

After I got quite a few years older I heard it again, and I thought, well, I can see why it was a B side in 1958. It was rather risque for its day.

I would have loved to see and hear how Rory would do this song. He often times would cover songs seemingly at random at his shows, they'd pop into his head and he'd cover them. Perhaps at some concert at some time he did. But I would have loved to have seen what he would do with this one on the stage. He had the voice for it, and the style of it would suit him perfectly.

And I can only imagine the blistering, passionate guitar wizardry he would add to it.

Yes, to see him in one of the smaller venues, one of the clubs (after a couple of drinks, hey if I can imagine it, then I'd have had a couple of drinks), standing near enough the stage to see every nuance :mrgreen:
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Re: What Song Did You Wish Rory Had Performed Live?

Postby jimmy » 02 Jul 2014, 05:20

I would love to hear "Just hit town" live
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