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Re: Forum Topics: Lets Have Fun Again!

Postby blues blooded » 08 Jul 2014, 17:45

jenniferj wrote:There is something inherently unfair about Rory not getting in to the R&R hall of fame - it absolutely sucks that a band that gets booed gets this kind of accolade. It makes you realise how meaningless these accolades are when someone like Rory gets ignored. He was a true music hero and troubadour.

I love Kiss. They make no bones about the sort of band they are and have never pretended to be great musicians. Their shows are about comic book escapism and the couple of shows I have seen them play, they were great. They have been rocking for 40 plus years and are a hard working professional band. They deserve their place in the R&R Hall of Fame

Rory Gallagher is a completely different type of music. Granted it all comes under the "rock" umbrella. But you can't compare his music to Kiss.

I agree it is a scandal Rory isn't in the Hall of Fame. But neither are Iron Maiden, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joan Jett, Jethro Tull or Deep Purple. Like them or not like Rory they have all contributed hugely to the music world .
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Re: Forum Topics: Lets Have Fun Again!

Postby pat's strat » 09 Jul 2014, 01:06

want to talk about fun, how about playing guitar with Rory in a dream. i had a dream we were playing slide guitar together, needless to say i didn't want to wake up from that one. sorry, that's off subject a bit and yes we need to have more members post. who knows what they could bring to discussions.
pat's strat
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Re: Forum Topics: Lets Have Fun Again!

Postby maybeiwill » 25 Jul 2014, 18:46

I'm quite a newbie, having just signed up yesterday, but if someone were to ask me what my favorite Rory song was, I would have to reply, "ARE YOU MAD?" I'll listen to "I'm Not Awake Yet" and think, that's my fave. Then, I'm listening to "Crest of a Wave" and that's it, then "Walk on Hot Coals," etc., etc.....the list goes on and on and I'm still on the early material! It's impossible to choose!
P.S. I promise not to get whiney or depressing.
P.P.S. Sorry, but also not a KISS fan.
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Re: Forum Topics: Lets Have Fun Again!

Postby Jay Jay » 25 Jul 2014, 21:49

capo wrote:I wish I could have Rory dreams like you and others have. Strange, for someone like me who Rory is a main interest and on my mind a lot, I never have dreams about him. Wish I could, because it would bring him back alive, at least for a instant. Anyway, Peace to you. Joe.

Hey Joe,
I'm exactly the same. I never have Rory dreams. Yet he's on my mind and playing on my sound systems constantly. Plus I go to as many Rory Tribute gigs as I can. Maybe one a month if I'm lucky :)

I'm getting too that age now too, that I even think more about Rory and his music, than I do about sex :lol:
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