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a Rory question-

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2014, 21:11
by RobertaSparrow
Rory very seldom wore any kind of jewelry, unless you include his wristwatch. But in the late 70s and on he started wearing bola ties, what ever happened to them? And were they given to him as gifts from fans or friends?

I could understand the family keeping them, handing them down- If he was my blood relative I'd never part with one, but perhaps making a casting of them would be an idea- I'd love to have a replica of one, and it would be a popular item for non-musician fans of Rory to wear to remember him?

Just a thought?

Rory playing Western Plain- see the bola tie?

P.S. and it would also help raise revenue for other Rory projects-
as would licensing his music to video software companies such as Rocksmith and Bandfuse :mrgreen:
(persistent aren't I?)

Re: a Rory question-

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2014, 23:00
by leprechaun1
roberta your the best . rock'n for Rory as always.

Re: a Rory question-

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2014, 01:33
by Madrid74
Nice idea, I'm very fond of bolo ties in fact I got several and my father as well, but not as discreet as Rory's as they're navajo style, I love ethnical jewelery.

Re: a Rory question-

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2014, 02:00
by RobertaSparrow
Yes, the ties originated in the southwest U.S., and many are made by the navajo and pueblo tribes. Rory was always fond of U.S. southwestern dress, and that's probably part of why he liked them. But I'm only guessing- in almost all the videos of him from 80's onward he's wearing one. Looked like he had several. I'd be interested to hear about how he came about wearing them, and if they were gifts or he got them on one of his many tours through the U.S.A.