I'd Love to play RORY GALLAGHER in a Movie

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Re: I'd Love to play RORY GALLAGHER in a Movie

Postby capo » 14 Mar 2014, 04:38

I've voiced my fears already about what a cradle to grave biopic might be produced. I think an ideal movie would narrow in on a limited time of Rory's life. My thought would be how in the early 70's when The Troubles were in full bloom, only Rory was brave enough and committed to bring live music to starved fans in Northern Ireland. I don't mean a political movie, but the environment Rory faced in performing there. With a extended concert with Rory at the height of his powers in full glory to conclude the movie. Just a thought. Peace.
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Re: I'd Love to play RORY GALLAGHER in a Movie

Postby Chris OK » 16 Mar 2014, 01:34

Don Jameson from That Metal Show on VH1. He sure reminds me of Rory w the sideburns and all.
I'd bet Cusak would great as Rory. I's also bet he knows who Rory is and listens too.
Chris OK
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Re: I'd Love to play RORY GALLAGHER in a Movie

Postby RobertaSparrow » 21 Mar 2014, 04:59

I was listening to my iPod yesterday, always set to random, so I never know what is going to play next, and of course there is a lot of Rory on it. So a Rory tune came on, followed by Chris Issak covering Roy Orbison's Only the Lonely. Chris Issak was a friend of Roy Orbison, does a lot of his music in his own shows. Chris Issak is also an actor- if you saw the crime/horror flick Silence of the Lambs, Chris Issak was the leader of the swat team that goes in to try to arrest Hannibal Lecter in the elevator-

Since this is all supposition anyway, and these actors are all American, and it wouldn't work, but I thought- if there was a film featuring Rory, one possible configuration, these are actors that are musicians, or musicians who think they can act. But here is a thought:

Johnny Depp as Rory Gallagher- a well-known actor that was lead guitarist in his own band before he became famous (I've expanded on it in detail before, so won't here)

Chris Issak as Gerry McAvoy- Chris Issak is equal parts musician and actor, and could easily do the part.

Jack White as Rory's drummer- (which drummer depends on what point in time the script would cover) Jack White is a wanna-be actor who is known for his lead guitar, but he started out as a drummer, and a pretty decent one- of a caliber that Rory could have probably worked with- Jack White played Elvis Presley in the parody bio-pic Walk Hard, he's a musician that wants to be an actor.

Jack White set his guitar behind,and is on drums there-

But beyond that, I was thinking how music biopics have been and gone, and the satiric parodies that followed, most notably Spinal Tap, Meet the Rutles, and Walk Hard- The Dewey Cox Story. It would be difficult to make a biopic about Rory that would do him justice. And I started thinking, an effective movie script that would feature Rory doesn't have to be a bio pic- A movie can cover a span of time in years or in minutes, it can be effective on different levels-

A Hard Day's Night was a very successful rock music movie- and the span of time it covers is only hours- from the time they board the train to get to their next gig, to the rehearsal and the televised show- a snapshot in time, and very effective. Much better than the follow up, Help! - that was embarrassingly bad.

Another that was a fairly entertaining movie about The Beatles had Steven Spielberg as executive producer- I Wanna Hold Your Hand- It's about the 24 hours preceeding The Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show- it is seldom seen but quite entertaining and funny. Not many have seen it, but it's just another example of a film treatment with an artist or artists as the subject, yet it is more about being interesting and entertaining, and less about being intrusive and possibly insulting or unintentionally disrespectful of the subject artist. This film features the actual Beatles in archived footage, and also features actors playing them briefly to make the plot work.

I agree with Capo's idea, a film, a snapshot that expands on IT74, maybe illustrates how much Rory supported the musicians that did go where others would not, to walk the fine line between factions, to bring his own form of relief to the kids who were caught in the middle. Or maybe illustrate how much he supported and blazed the trail for the artists who followed him, the one who opened the doors for other Irish musicians to follow. Rory's real work could be shown, archivial footage, as well as actors to bring the story along. In fact, these actors/musicians could perform Rory's music enough to make it work.
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Re: I'd Love to play RORY GALLAGHER in a Movie

Postby Tina » 01 Jun 2014, 12:44


I think this frontman would surely win a RG-lookalike contest! And he can play the guitar, too! (Saw this band last week as support act for Johnny Winter.)
The band is called " The Double Vision" , have a look:


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Re: I'd Love to play RORY GALLAGHER in a Movie

Postby maybeiwill » 27 Jul 2014, 22:01

I absolutely HATE biopics and films made of real events, especially the Hollywood variety, because they literally always take too much dramatic license. If the reaity of the person's existence isn't earth-shatterring enough, Hollywood will create fictional scenarios - like all of these so-called "reality" shows of today. Then, when the great "unwashed masses" (those who may not really be familiar with the person or event in question) go to see the film, they tend to take everything they see in the aforementioned film as the "gospel" truth! Much better to see an actual documentary about the person or event and hopefully get the real story. For example, I saw a documentary of the true story of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and though Kevin Spacey, Jude Law (and did somebody mention John Cusack?) were brilliant in Clint Eastwood's film, the doc was much more informative and interesting.
In short (or maybe it's too late to be short!) I don't EVER want to see a biopic of Rory!
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