Hello from Oudewater, Netherlands

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Hello from Oudewater, Netherlands

Postby Arantella » 29 Sep 2013, 21:57

Hi, Thanks for this amazing website!! I have lot's of good memories to Rory's music. Like in the later seventies, during the long and warm summer nights, me and my friends were used to spend our time sitting around the campfire, listening music, smoking self-grown weed and drinking cheap beer. Our most favourite was an old copy of "Sinner&Saint" to my knowledge a mixture of songs from both "Rory Gallagher" and "Deuce" but not 100% sure. And still I can sing every single song of it :D
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Re: Hello from Oudewater, Netherlands

Postby RobertaSparrow » 05 Oct 2013, 15:15

Hello from the other side of the world ;)

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