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Rory in Hot Press

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2010, 10:58
by roryfan
Hi folks I got this email from Hot Press today...thought it might be of interest. Now I have to round up a copy john g

It's Laura here from Hot Press magazine.

I just thought that visitors to your site might be interested in the Rory Gallagher editorial we have in the latest issue of Hot Press, out today Thursday June 17th. There is also a column by Peter Murphy which reviews the Ghost Blues documentary.

The editorial discusses the difficulty Rory encountered in trying to get airplay on Irish radios, while at the same time being a global sensation. It is a touching review of one of Ireland's greatest musicians. It might be something you'd like to highlight on the site?

The issue is available in stores or can be bought here if that's of any use to your community.

Hope this can be of some use to you!
Thanks, Laura