Thank You Rory for the Memories

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Thank You Rory for the Memories

Postby RobertaSparrow » 05 Sep 2013, 16:27

Rory's fan base is spread out all over the globe and is multi-generational, which is pretty extraordinary when you figure we almost never heard him on the radio- never in the mainstream, at least not here in America.

It was more, you'd hear Taste (when they were The Taste) recordings on the so-called "underground" stations where the good stuff could be heard, or word-of-mouth from the kids at school who were really, really into music, or bits and pieces of Rory's music out of cars or 4 & 8 track tape players around the neighborhood. I was into Rory's music before I really knew who he was!

Last year I rediscovered that one live recording of Taste where Rory plays Baby Please Don't Go. It was on YouTube (I have the big TV in the living room paired with a bluray player that lets me stream YouTube videos, and they will play continuously depending on the search parameters you set) and I had it queued up for Taste. I heard that distinctive guitar riff that Rory used to begin that song, Baby Please Don't Go, and immediately a flood of old high school memories flashed through my mind, it was like tripping a light switch in there- (I have a confession to make- for years I thought that was from a Cream bootleg. I should have known. Clapton was good, but he wasn't that good).

Anyway, if you see Rory's fan base as a multi-layered cake (maybe a spice cake, 'cause we're all so different, assorted cultures, languages, ages) I'd be part of one of the older layers. I'd have been a little kid around the time that Rory bought his famous Strat. And when Rory first got the attention of the musical world, I'm certain he had fans that were older than him, so there's an older layer to the cake as well.

I'm about to be overtaken by 60 years now, and my mom is around 80. She has dementia now, lives in an assisted living center. She still gets around, but it's sort of like her mind is winding back- I guess you could say memories are sort of like, first in- last out. Most of the time when I have to see her she thinks I'm her sister, and she reminisces about things they did and I have no clue what she's talking about. But last week I had to take her to the doctor. I had my iPod hooked into the car's sound system and it was set to shuffle. So my mom was sitting in the passenger seat, strapped in and in that sort of twilight-zone doze that the elderly seem to fall into. My iPod was a gift from my daughter, and it has a lot of her music collection on it, as well as a lot of stuff I have collected, so some of the stuff on there goes back to the 40's up to the new artists like Hanni El Khatib.

You never know what the pod is going to play when it's set like that- and the first song that came up was Chuck Berry doing Nadine. That got my mom's attention, I noticed she sort of "snapped out of it" and looked at the radio. Then, the Taste recording from 1969, The First Time I Met The Blues.

When I was a toddler, my parents used to listen to the radio constantly- they both listened to 50's era rock, and my dad preferred old country. But my mom, she loved the blues- the old stuff, the same stuff that probably inspired Rory on the other side of the planet.

So, we were driving to the doctor's office. Chuck Berry's Nadine got my mom's attention. But then Rory came on- The First Time I Met The Blues. My mom suddenly snapped out of it, said "I remember this music from when I was a kid." She started to smile. She started talking about growing up in Los Angeles in the 40's, listening to blues on the radio. Now, I know she was talking about the older music, probably the same music Rory listened to when he was learning to play. But Rory was so true to his musical roots, my mom didn't know the difference.

She said, "I remember that music- I used to listen to it all the time. That guy is really good." I didn't tell her that the person she was listening to there in the car probably hadn't even been born yet when the records she used to hear had been made.

But I have to admit, the way Rory's guitar and his voice sliced through the years and woke my mom out of that semi-daze was almost a miracle.

It's amazing the effect music can have on the mind.
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Re: Thank You Rory for the Memories

Postby Jay Jay » 05 Sep 2013, 17:58

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Rock On for Rory ;)
No matter what age
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Re: Thank You Rory for the Memories

Postby Strat59 » 17 Oct 2013, 14:55

I am a player over a long period, have listened to them all. Green , Clapton , Beck , Taylor , Page, Kossoff all great players. But for mine none could touch Rory for sheer soulfullness and feeling in his playing. I forget which albums or songs (I have pretty much everything Rory released solo and Taste), but he could play the most delicate and intricate passages that were just sublime - Note Perfect !!! Then let rip with all the power and passion only he possessed. For someone not from the deep south of the USA his knowledge, understanding and feel for the blues was uncanny. Clapton said he saw himself as the person to take the blues somewhere in the UK. A great player but I still rate Rory above Eric not only as a bluesman but more so as someone who truelly represented the common man. He was a conduit between his loving audience and the blues. His music and whole being was that of a simple man playing music he loved and that everyday working men and women could understand and enjoy.

Sadly missed more today than ever !
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