Hello from CT

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Hello from CT

Postby YourCaptain » 12 May 2013, 16:50

(The user name's because of Grand Funk Railroad by the way, for any who might possibly not know - no offense or dominant personality intended through it ;) )
Hello from CT! I'm a younger, newer player to guitar, and to Rory. I had no musical Taste (see what I did there) until about six years ago, when my dad gave me the Led Zeppelin 4 album, and ever since I've been surfing YouTube, discovering rock, southern rock, blues, country, even a bit of prog rock for a while, etc... been a nice journey, with a couple important landmarks. When I discovered Rory... his music just hit home, a special spot in me. He is one out of three artists that have ever done that for me, the others being the Black Crowes and the Allman Brothers. (As this is Rory's forum, I won't talk about them right now -maybe in off-topic area). His music... well, I'm pretty sure a forum full of Rory fans would know this already, but has such soul and energy, such a life, brings meaning to my own... I'm grateful to have discovered him.

I'm looking forward to my time here... both as a fan and an avid (and still somewhat novice, though talented, according to everyone who hears me) player of his work. His style is a very, very big influence on me and my developing style, and I couldn't be prouder to say so.

Actually, I have a bit of a ignorant question already... I also doodle on harmonica and I can't figure out any of his harmonica work. I'll be re-posting this in the gear section as well, but I might as well just ask it here too: What key harmonica does he use? I haven't been able to figure out some of his work on my key of C or G harmonicas, so do I need to just noodle more and figure it out, or maybe I'm using the wrong key... any insight would help. Thanks!

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Re: Hello from CT

Postby innuendo » 15 May 2013, 15:46

welcome ON THE BOARDS. i like some grand funk railroad songs.
I watched as fear took the old men's gaze
Hopes of the young in troubled graves
'I see no day' I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal
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Re: Hello from CT

Postby YourCaptain » 23 May 2013, 00:20

Thanks. It's what I was listening to at the time, and I got bored of the same name I use for the other guitar forums I'm part of. It's probably better to use the same, but hey, you gotta have some variation... nah, that's not even a good excuse. Whatever. I'm rambling. Already...
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Re: Hello from CT

Postby asdesas » 30 May 2013, 17:57

Welcome Tommy!

Reminds me, what a double bill Rory and GFR must have been...

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