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Hello all

Postby Spiv » 26 Apr 2013, 11:05

Hello from Scotland. I am a 55year old who in the past couple of years has buiolt up an intrest in building guitars and more recently replica guitars. My 1st was a copy of Jimmy Page's dragon guitar. I now have a intrest in trying to build a replica of Rory's strat, which I see is shared with many on this forum. I must confess I wasn't big on Rory at his prime, prefering Bowie and Roxy Music, Alex Harvey etc etc, Mick Ronson was my guitar hero in those days. ( another lovely bloke we lost far too early). I had a pal who himself was a very good guitarist who idolized Rory. I now find myself listening to more stuff like Rory, Clapton, and Paul Kossof to name a few, and thanks to things like youtube etc I can get to watch him in his prime also. When I get round to starting the guitar, no doubt I will be on here asking advise and help. I am looking forward to going through the forum and reading everything,
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Re: Hello all

Postby JimLED » 26 Apr 2013, 11:07

Welcome to Loose Talk, Spiv!

Wish you to build a great Rory's replica and show it to us here :)
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Re: Hello all

Postby asdesas » 27 Apr 2013, 17:37

Hi Spiv,

Welcome to the forum--looking forward to hearing your views and seeing your guitars!

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