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Re: Rory's Strat Played by Others

PostPosted: 28 May 2013, 00:41
by RobertaSparrow
Niall wrote:Hi, first post so forgive me for not introducing myself in the 'proper' forum.

. . . Sadly, I really wish it wasn't Bonamassa that was playing it. I don't mean this in a negative or insulting way, as I'll explain in a second. . . . There is absolutely no soul in anything Bonamassa plays recently, and it sounds very technical and by the numbers.. . I was back in London again a few days ago to see Clapton and that was fantastic as usual :) I'm not sure if it makes me sad or angry that Bonamassa covers one of my favourite songs, but he sounds more like Gary Moore which is a style that shouldn't be covering Rory's stuff, in my opinion.

Hmm, that looks a bit ranty, but it's not meant to!

Olav ยป
Yes!!!! You are totally right! Bonamassa has no soul in his music at all. It was a big mistake to give him Rory's strat.

Well, again if it's about getting Rory the honor that is his due, for all his years of hard work and the legacy he left behind- it makes sense that his guitar ought to be played- No, I don't like to see it, especially if it is seen as more of a "conquest" to a well known-guitarist instead of the awesome honor that playing Rory's Strat (or touching it- for that matter) is. And IMHO- and that is worth nothing by the way, but if it was, it would be more to do with the respect a good player has for Rory and his guitars- so if the late Gary Moore wanted to play it, he respected Rory (in fact wasn't he a pallbearer at his funeral?) even though he doesn't (didn't) play like Rory, he respected him. And I think he played The Strat anyway when he visited Rory toward the end.

And I can't watch Joe play any of Rory's songs on The Strat- he doesn't do them justice, and to make that same guitar do it is sad. When Joe played Midnight Blues, that was easier to watch, and a nice tribute to both Rory and Gary Moore.

Now if Eric Clapton wanted to play it, well I have to admit I'd be curious to hear it- but only if Eric treated Rory's memory and his guitar with the respect that is his due- which is to say (again IMHO) at the same level at which the rest of the world seems to honor Eric.

I've seen Clapton play, and I'm not saying he isn't amazing, but he has had more than his share. Rory is and was his equal (at the very least)- along with Jimi Hendrix. Now if Eric were to go to the Rory Gallagher festival in Ballyshannon and want to play something to honor Rory, and wanted to play The Strat, that would be different. But I don't think that is going to happen any time soon.

Rory's Strat

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013, 17:32
by Cantwell
I wondered what people thought of 'The Strat's' increasing celebrity status in the world of rock guitarists. It's been on stage with Joe Bonamassa, Johnny Marr and Bernie Marsden to name but a few.

Sure it's a compliment that people hold Rory in such high regard but does anyone feel slightly sad or indeed joy-us seeing it played by someone else? Personally I get the impression Rory wouldn't of cared one way or the other as long as it was getting used, although to be honest when I first saw Bernie Marsden playing it some years ago I thought 'WRONG'...same guitar, different voice ...but of course we'll never hear that unique sound again.... Now I really like the fact that people are seen playing it because it keeps the flame burning and brings new ears to his music.

In another related issue (and maybe some Guitar 'techs' can help out with this) during the late eighties and early nineties I thought the tone of the Strat had changed somewhat... it sounded a little more processed and less natural that just me or does anyone think so? Anyway, would be interesting to find out a little more on that.

Re: Rory's Strat Played by Others

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013, 19:22
by Cantwell
Thanks for putting it the right topic....knew it must of been talked about.
Forgot to post this...Bernie Marsden talks about the strat.