Taste played on BBC radio 2

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Taste played on BBC radio 2

Postby fenderbass » 04 Dec 2012, 15:28

Simon Mayo show, BBC radio 2, Monday, 3rd December 2012.
At the end of each show he has a showstopper section where listeners can suggest a song to be played in the genre of the show which follows.
In this case, as it is a Monday, it is the Paul Jones Blues Show.
Listener Bob Ridgeway suggested Blister On The Moon as the blues showstopper.
Some nice comments at start and end of clip.

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Re: Taste played on BBC radio 2

Postby vasdis » 04 Dec 2012, 18:50

I was very surprised and pleased to hear it, thought i had another station on.Paul Jones blues show afterwards was also very good.
What with Planet Rock playing Wishbone Ash's Jailbait at 6.50 am yesterday morning , and One Direction on the telly it was a good day for decent music
(well almost anyway)
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