Joe Bonamassas new live album.

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Joe Bonamassas new live album.

Postby vasdis » 24 Sep 2012, 19:38

A workmate has just given me a copy of Joe Bonamassa's new album -------Live From The Beacon Theatre --New York ,Track 3 disc one has an excellent
version of Rory's Cradle Rock,i know along with Zepp,and Free ,Rory was one of Joes big influences .One of his albums also features As The Crow Flies,
which although a Tony Joe White song was one of Rory's acoustic classics.Also featured on the album are Paul Rodgers,Beth Hart and John Hiatt.
Disc 2 also features a cracking version of The Who's Young Man Blues.OK not strictly Rory although very much related,if you want to see where some of Rory's
influences went this album is highly recommended.
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