Questions for Donal to answer in a book of Rory & Donal

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Questions for Donal to answer in a book of Rory & Donal

Postby RobertaSparrow » 04 Sep 2012, 00:07

Similar to questions for Donal and Daniel, but more along the lines of topics that are more complex than can generally be addressed by one simple answer. It occurred to me because of that thread, though. I asked a bunch of questions, and that's probably not fair to Donal and Daniel, but if there are too many I was thinking maybe they would be helpful as topics to go in a book about Rory's life. I'm sure Donal has lots to say, but if there are things that we would like to know but would be better addressed in the book that Donal is (fingers crossed) writing, perhaps they could be posed in a separate thread?

For example, there has been much speculation- was Rory romantically involved with someone in the late 60's early 70's? The source of or inspiration for some of his earlier, happier lyrics like 20/20 Vision, Out of My Mind,or It's You, then later when his lyrics were a bit darker, like I Fall Apart, Overnight Bag, Wheels Within Wheels, and Calling Card? If this can be addressed without violating anyone's privacy or going against Rory's wishes, that would probably be a chapter in itself.

Or,this one- I think every time I saw him perform he sang Out On the Western Plain. I wondered when he visited the U.S., did he ever have an opportunity to go horseback riding in the Southwest or seeing that part of the country(other than from a tour bus or car window)? Like the Painted Desert or Grand Canyon in Arizona or maybe the chaparral around Southern California where many of the western movies were filmed? He loved that song, and I imagine he would have had fun with that, so I was curious.

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