Lou Martin R.I.P

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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby GRace » 17 Aug 2012, 14:24

Rest In Peace, Lou!
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Lou Martin.. RIP..

Postby Dwana Horner » 17 Aug 2012, 14:25

I saw about his passing away on face book..right now I just feel numb..lou was the last one I talked too at the Agora
soo very long ago..I know how long he was sick..didn't know how bad it was. Rest in Peace Lou.... "Rory Needs his
keyboard player".. :( :( :( :( :(
I've nothing more to say..
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Dwana Horner
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby lonelymile » 17 Aug 2012, 15:36

This is a sad day indeed. It sounds as if Lou's life was very hard for some years due to his health problems. At least he has been released from suffering....RIP Lou Martin, such a wonderful musician.
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby SUBY1974 » 17 Aug 2012, 18:54

I am feeling very sad today. Rest in peace Lou Martin. My condolenses and prayer to your family and friends.Your piano playing was so awesome and everytime I put on Rory's CDs and hear your piano playing I will think of you. I know you are with Rory now. Love Subrata.x
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby Tattoo'd Lady » 17 Aug 2012, 20:45

R.I.P. great Lou Martin...
You are with Rory now.
God save your soul...
Goodbye."Goodbye, don't cry,
When I'm gone."
Tattoo'd Lady
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby mac » 17 Aug 2012, 21:19

RIP Lou, always loved what Lou added to Rory's music.
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby ken » 17 Aug 2012, 21:36

Dreadful news, and heard about it on facebook ,
Lou was a great guy , and although it was many years I went to school with him in Plumstead where Lou played the piano, and I sang in the school choir we often used to talk and hang out together about music. Like Lou I had long hair, in the days of course when I had hair. We went to quite a hard school, where having longer hair made you a target from the skin heads. We both kept the faith and he went on to play with Rory, and I had been a fan of taste, and when I heard the name Lou Martin I thought , I wonder if.......
I thought many times of contacting him after the stroke, and spoke to I think his sister. I did not want to impose, and well we never met.
I discussed taking some photos, but felt it was not right, I dunno. Forgetting the photos I am sad we did not meet again, we got on well, rest in peace Lou from an old friend......... ken
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby Boogie » 17 Aug 2012, 23:05

Sad news, Rip Lou.
Great keyboard player, my thoughts go out to his family.
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby loulamb » 17 Aug 2012, 23:55

Hi all, very very sad to hear of Lou's passing. Rest in peace Lou xx
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Re: Lou Martin R.I.P

Postby Leedelta » 18 Aug 2012, 00:17

RIP Lou.
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