I have dreamt of Rory

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Re: I have dreamt of Rory

Postby Simone67 » 17 Aug 2012, 13:40

Dear Elise,

thank you for sharing your Rory dreams with us ! Yes,we all love Rory like crazy,and many of us here have had dreams about him. There is actually a full "Rory dream" thread on here,somewhere,where everyone has kindly shared them.-Have a browse through,there are quite many of them !!! :)

Dream on,and Rory on !!!
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Re: I have dreamt of Rory

Postby Jay Jay » 17 Aug 2012, 13:59

Evergladesgirl wrote:Hi :) !

My name is Elise, I'm 18 and I 've discovered Rory just a few monts ago but everyday my interest about him grows .I love him like crazy just like you. Sorry for english mistakes I live in France and I don't speak english very well. I'd like to share with you some dreams I made about him. Indeed I dream of him very often. I dream of guitarist everyday( Jimi Hendrix for the last two days, Jimmy Page, Slash, Steve Vai), certainly because they fascinate me( but I am only a Rory fan because he was a great guitar player and such a beautiful human being, he's genuine, fair, gentle; it's a shame the doctors brought him to the grave !!.I thought you'd might like to hear about it. I just remember about four dreams about Rory sadly.

The first one I can remember stood in a bar in Ireland, Rory was like he was in the seventies, so georgous (he's always been actually) and having a drink with many friends, he drank whiskey and so did I, it was our marriage ceremony, I was dressed exactly the same way as he was with the denim jacket, a shirt into his jean, same height and as thin as he was (whereas I'm really not thin in the real life), but it was my face. I couldn't believe it , Rory was smiling and laughing at the same time , he gave me a french kiss, there was no priest but we were married.

another one( a short part of a bigger dream):
Rory was sitting at a table in a white room with many people I cannot remember talking around us we didn't konw them, he had a pint of beer in front of him on the table, dressed with a pull over made with wool with stripes, he had exactly the same face as he had in the german documentary about him called macroom dated from 1978 when he's right in front of the piano. I took his hands in mines after he said before I had the time to ask him " I would have loved you, of course " . He aid it in french as follows : "Je t'aurais aimée, bien sûr". He was looking deep into my eyes and so did I, and I was euphoric. I stood up a little so I could give him a kiss, just a kiss on the mouth, I was shivering. He wasn't euphoric but he was laughing, smiling, saying things I couldn't heard, he seemed shy.

What do you think about it?
It would be nice to hear other fans telling the dreams they made about Rory ;) !!!
Thank you very much. :)

Hi Elise, a very warm welcome to Rory's forum

I have merged your topic with "Rory Dreams" the topic Simone is talking about.
Thanks for your thoughts and dreams. Please look back here at all the pages of posts of others like yourself, that have had wonderful dreams :)
Slainte, Jay Jay
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Re: I have dreamt of Rory

Postby RobertaSparrow » 17 Aug 2012, 17:49

OK this is a strange topic and a really weird coincidence, but night before last I was watching one of Rory's last performances in 1994 in Germany- the one where he sings Bye Bye Bird. I had heard the recordings of him singing that with Taste in the '70s, and it had a happy feel to it, with his band calling "bye bye bird" back to him as he sang. But in the '94 concert it was near the end of his life, and he had that sad, haunted look in his eyes as he sang. In that version he sings Bye Bye Bird, and in the lyrics he sings goodbye to his mother and brother, and then he sang Ghost Blues. I remember crying, and thinking why did things happen that way, asking him what went wrong, and was he truly in a better place?

I guess I fell asleep- it was really late anyway. And in a dream that night I was standing in a room, I don't know where, and Rory was sitting on a sofa, playing an acoustic guitar. He didn't really speak out loud, but he looked at me and his eyes were clear and he smiled. I suddenly felt a wave of- I don't know how to describe it- like a wave of warmth, a kindness, around me. I felt like he was telling me there is no pain or sadness where he is. I woke up right after that- and that feeling was still there. I can't describe the lightness I felt- it lasted for quite a while, and I didn't tell anyone because that sounds crazy. But all that day I kept thinking of it- how happy and peaceful he was when he smiled, and how blue his eyes were.

I just read Donal's message about Lou Martin. I wonder if it has anything to do with that as well? I bet Rory was there for him when he crossed.
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Re: Rory Dreams

Postby Evergladesgirl » 17 Aug 2012, 17:50

[quote="Dwana Horner"][b]Jay Jay
There's no "If Rory's in the Afterlife". He is over there. The best part about astral travel in dreams, they take you
first class into the afterlife. We're all born with a soul that can wander off anywhere.
The first time I "found him".. we were standing infront of this marble temple, my arms were arround his neck
and I was crying "I don't want to go back! I don't want to go back".
I woke up with a jolt, my throat was raw from crying in my sleep all night. I did a painting of that "Temple".
It's hanging on a wall in my art studio[/b].[/quote]
Dear Dwana,
It's very moving to read you. I wish you're right when you say biological death isn't the real death, the death of soul. Maybe he's looking above our shoulders like a guardian angel . I hope you would show us a photo of your painting ( "The White City") when it will be finished ( is it?) and you've found the perle color you wanted :) .
I can't deal with his passing , though (and it is the worst thing) I never saw him playing in front of a crowd or spoke to him. I deeply hope he's there!
I just bought a guitar one month ago thanks to him. I wish sometimes I could do cover of his songs, compose songs if I can. I'm drawing too though I don't think it's very good. I want to draw portaits of him, and I wish sometimes I could paint him( I have a certain idea of what I want to do) when I will have learnt oil paint ( drawing fades I find it yet very hard but work is the key). I write too since I was a child(it was fantastic stories very naive), now I write poetry , letters, but it's too messy and I have to do a sorting, work again. I want to give high sensations through art, FEEL. I dance too, music is driving me wild or extremely delicate, but I don't do it very well, but it makes me feel more alive and happy, exactly like when I hear Rory's voice, he see his face, I laught out loud really or I cry..how is it for you?
And I'm trying to be more fair, genuine with people and with myself, he's teaching me respect and love, he's always in my mind and above all in my heart. I think dreams is the way he's still in touch with us, he gave us advices and support . He is so true.
Rory, Azur éclatant.
Take care
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Re: I have dreamt of Rory

Postby Evergladesgirl » 17 Aug 2012, 18:19

I can feel this wave of warmth and kindness too.... like "calm down I am by your side".
Rory's playing and singing the blues with Lou martin at the keyboards in Heaven!

Lou martin in Killing Floor with Freddie King : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_uCc6KSATA
Do you know if Lou Martin played with Rory and Jerry Lee Lewis?
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Re: I have dreamt of Rory

Postby Dwana Horner » 01 Sep 2012, 20:17

Talk about Rory Dreams..I've mastered that art..I knew Rory..met him in the early 70's when I lived in Cleveland Ohio.
I've had some extremely vivid dreams about him..
I have the ability of premonitions..saw his demise a month before it happend I just didn't know it was about him.
God spared me of that for a month.

I've crossed over in dreams to find him on the otherside more times than I can count on both hands.

(I know he's on the "Otherside"..believe me.)

Over ten years ago..I had a NDE. (Near Death Experience) I had a "Vision" i'll not soon forget..long as I live.
I'm sorry you've just discoved Rory ..I haven't read everything here..I will in time.
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