Rory's Music So Accessible Now!

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Rory's Music So Accessible Now!

Postby Jay Jay » 29 Jul 2012, 16:14

Got my iphone & mojo working with Rory's music playing, walking in and out of the house into the garden. Back and forward in and out of the sunshine..

Happy days with Rory's "Photo Finish" album playing in my pocket. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

I must say three tracks one after another on this album sum up a lot of Rory's great traits, Track 4: Cloak & Dagger is such a great underrated blues rock track. Showcasing Rory's terrific slide technique with emotional vocals. (Can anyone find a live youtube version of this?) Track 5: Overnight Bag is such a melodic tune. With Rory's voice quite soulful, great lyrics accompanied by some fantastic acoustic & electric guitar playing. Track 6: Shadow Play probably Rory's best rocker with all that emotion and passion with outstanding guitar solo's :)

Can you think of any other three better tracks "one after the other" on any of Rory's albums. That showcase such great production & quality?

Lets see your favourite current 3 most played Rory tracks one after another on any album here???
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Re: Rory's Music So Accessible Now!

Postby RobertaSparrow » 29 Jul 2012, 20:09

Lets see your favourite current 3 most played Rory tracks one after another on any album here???

The Tatoo album, my 3 consecutive faves are:
1. Cradle Rock, 'cause it's the first one I ever saw Rory play live and when I hear it I can immediately flash back to that time, standing in the audience and seeing him for the first time ever exploding onto the stage and launching into that song- as close to time travel as I'll ever get.

2. 20/20 Vision- Never can get too much of Rory's acoustic playing, and this is such a happy upbeat song, goes back to a happy time.

3. They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore- I think of these words now and think of Rory.

One of the things I like about iPods, iTunes software, and cds over what they call vinyl now is I can set the digital stuff on shuffle. With the old albums you couldn't change the running order unless you got up and moved the tone arm, so after about 3 times listening I'd have the running order of the songs memorized whether I wanted to or not, and so that's a pet peeve that I had forgotten til my daughter got into vinyl. I know the artists sometimes order their songs a certain way for a reason, but I always hated hearing the end of one song and hearing the next one in my head before it started- I'd rather not know what the next tune will be, so it hits me fresh. We all have our quirks, and that's one of mine.
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