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Re: Rory Gallagher : New DVD's?

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2015, 19:43
by RobertaSparrow
For the most part, people come and go on these sites, we have regulars who post, and a lot of members who never do, and I am sure we have people who are not members at all but perhaps curious and look in now and then, perhaps they want to learn about Rory, or were once members of the forum but no longer participate.

Not everyone is comfortable writing and posting things on these sites, those who do enjoy writing and sharing, you will see them showing up pretty regularly, and occasionally a member will be compelled to add a comment here or there, but it isn't easy to consistently contribute something of substance to the forum. We all try to carry the torch for Rory, it's fair to say that we who are members of the forum are his more devoted "die hard" fans carry the torch for him, but it is difficult to be original, engaging, substantive. It isn't for lack of desire or interest.

I would hope that there aren't any members who feel they cannot post, that they will be unfairly criticized or "chased away" by anyone here. If there are members who do feel that way, I would encourage them to contact one of the moderators- there are several of us here, and we all have one goal really- to make this a welcome landing place for Rory's fans to share memories of him and exchange ideas and have a good time in each others company.

Members come in and visit all the time, some we don't hear from for months at a time, but then, when they have something to say, they will speak up. As long as we are respectful of each other and of Rory and his memory, all are welcome to share ideas... :mrgreen:

Re: Rory Gallagher : New DVD's?

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2015, 06:23
by Ray-man
JimLED wrote:Well, where is Kiran now? :)

Yes,the offending people are gone so she could/should be posting IF she wanted to. I guess she has better things to do. She sounds like a nice person. Oh well.....