Rory Biography and Movie

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Re: Rory Biography and Movie

Postby GRace » 12 Jun 2011, 22:29

innuendo wrote:i just realized that a guy from lord of the rings resembles rory (especially with longer hair)


Yes, Billy Boyd is a good candidate for the role of Rory.
Here, the main thing is not so much similarity of appearance as the skill and talent of the actor to reflect the essence and the inner world of Rory, the actor must "grab" the zest of Rory.

I already wrote a bit about Billy before here, but here's another video for example:
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Re: Rory Biography and Movie

Postby Micky » 18 Jun 2011, 12:49

If a movie had been made about 5-10 years ago maybe GWYN ASHTON could have played Rory (or if Gwyn can't act he maybe could have just performed the 'on stage' live shots of Rory in action!).

Usually movies about ''rock stars'' only usually tend to 'gloss over' the main parts of a performer's life story to fit into the 90-120 mins standard length of movie running time.

PHIL LYNOTT (ex-Thin Lizzy & Grand Slam) was lined up to play JIMI HENDRIX for a proposed movie of the late guitarist's life story back in 1980 but (thankfully) the movie was never made.
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