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RORY GALLAGHER ~ TOP 15 ~ TOP 50 Guitarists

Postby Jay Jay » 06 Jul 2011, 22:24

These Top 50 Best Guitarist Charts are usually a load of tosh :lol:

This one seems to be more in line with what the true muso's think ;) ... mujemotors
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Re: RORY GALLAGHER ~ TOP 15 ~ TOP 50 Guitarists

Postby Sinner Girl » 07 Jul 2011, 01:16

I do not understand how in these chart compere guitar players who played different kind of guitars like Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster the sound of guitars aren't the some for me that is TOSH .It should be a charts where they play all the same type of guitar for example Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul , or by my inability to compare guitarists who play rock - blues, or those who play heavy-metal :) :) :) :)
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Re: RORY GALLAGHER ~ TOP 15 ~ TOP 50 Guitarists

Postby JimLED » 07 Jul 2011, 01:25

Fully agree with you, Milka.
By the way, all these modern charts doesn't say a true. I don't believe what the people written on the fence...the TOSH.
We have own charts here!
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Re: RORY GALLAGHER ~ TOP 15 ~ TOP 50 Guitarists

Postby innuendo » 07 Jul 2011, 11:55

it's always funny when cobain is on the list. guitar playing isn't sport so we can say who is better, it's only a matter who do you like more. that's why these charts are kinda stupid although i'll be the first to admit it that i like looking at them. and it's nice to see rory in top 20
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