How did you start listening to Rory?

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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby deuce » 20 Nov 2011, 22:38

Hey Guys,

thanks so much for your answers. I know I should have introduced myself in the appropriate thread first as it was my first post, but as I saw Simones posting I couldn´t help but answer there.
Seems I am a vice-versa case anyway, visiting Rory in Ballincollig and discovering the music after that. Usually that pilgrimage should follow a longtime admiration, shouldn´t it ? ;)

Thanks again Simone, my feelings are matching your description exactly. :)
I am already thinking about going to Ballyshannon next year and certainly I have to go back to Ballincollig, this time to thank him. I hope it won´t blow me away again that much....

Have a good week all of you,

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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby mikea » 23 Nov 2011, 22:22

I'd heard of Taste, but it wasn't until 1970 at the Isle of Wight festival that I actually saw them. They went down a storm with me and about 300,000 other people. I'd never heard guitar playing like it (before or since). They did 5 encores!
I remember the headlines in Melody Maker a couple of months later - 'Taste Split' and my disappointment. But Rory of course continued solo and I saw him at every opportunity. You knew he was going to be good, but he was always better with each performance. Part of the pleasure was taking friends who had never seen him live and their stunned reactions afterwards. Once seen never forgotten.
A quote which many fans probably already know -Reporter to Jimi Hendrix(probably at the IOW) 'So what's it like being the best guitarist in the world?' 'I don't know, ask Rory Gallagher'.
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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby JimLED » 24 Nov 2011, 01:24

Welcome to the forum, Mikea!
Thanks for sharing great story!

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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby innuendo » 24 Nov 2011, 09:01

great story mikea. welcome ON THE BOARDS
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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby tonetanner » 24 Nov 2011, 20:03

Hi there again
Firstly, Deuce, I hope people don't get us mixed up - I also use that moniker on some other forums and as a 'stage name'. I am merely tonetanner here.
Next, I thought I'd give you a quick version of my story.
Way back in January 1979, someone at school said "look out for Rory Gallagher (who??) on 'rock goes to college' on BBC tonight". Me and my mate Dave watched the first song (shinkicker), and I decided to stick the trusty tape recorder in front of the TV. I was just learning guitar, and not too long after a few rudimentary Rory numbers got into my set (including 'as the crow flies' and 'out on western plain'). So Rory was it for many years (only saw him once though, at Malvern Winter Gardens) until I got into Zappa (nowt wrong with that), 'trip hop', techno, nu-metal etc etc. Anyway, about three years ago, after having four kids, I decided to try and prepare a Rory tribute - starting with getting all my old albums on CD (and newer ones), and various DVDs - which was all a suprisingly emotional adventure. As for the tribute, it's an ongoing process - but I'm sort of getting it nailed at last, and I've done a few reso gigs this year (with 'crow flies' & 'western plain' still - which I'm pretty good at now at the age of 47). I should say I'm (also) going under the name 'Deuce' until someone tells me I can't! That’s it really. Hopefully I won't annoy too many of you, and I hope to get along real well with the rest of you.
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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby shadowplay57 » 25 Jan 2012, 20:57

Someone gave me a tape to listen to can't remember what the band was but when i flipped it over there there was LIve in Europe i must have played that tape 10 times that day. That was in 1975 and my love of Rorys music has never faded. I went to see Rory many times and he never failed to leave me awestruck. I have seen loads of good/great guitarists but none came close to Rory and in my humble opinion nobody ever will.
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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby ralle1948 » 26 Jan 2012, 17:54

Hi all Rory fans, it was in 75 or 76 as everybody of my friends had the album Irish Tour 74 double Lp, as i heard AMMA i was hooked forever to Rorys music.
I had the chance to see him live for 6 times later on and Rory always delivered what no other guitar player can deliver.
Ralle 1948
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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby asdesas » 26 Jan 2012, 23:07

This is always one of my favorite threads; i love to read people's Rory Stories. Always brings back wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing, everybody!

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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby nickskelson » 28 Jan 2012, 15:09

1972 in Technical College, dinner time - the guy sitting next to me had this Dansette player (remember them, we all had one haha). Anyway this guitar solo came blaring out, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. It turned out to be Tattoo'd Lady by one Rory Gallagher. The only great Irish singer/songwriter I knew was Gilbert O'Sullivan, seriously!
Anyway, this guy turns out to be a guitarist and he starts showing me this "heavy stuff" Gallagher, Groundhogs, Winter, Ten Years After. I had only really ever heard Purple and Floyd coming out of my brothers bedroom -- Jesus Christ, I was an athlete, not some spotty kid into music.
Anyway, within a week, I was just a spotty kid into heavy blues rock - especially this Rory Gallagher geezer. The guitarist turned out to be my best mate, and we formed a band. It was bass or drums for me? Four strings, you play just one note at a time, that will do for me. I could play a basic 12 bar blues within a week and we were jamming out the blues man!
We played in bands till we were about 22, when the daft bugger went and got married and sold his guitar. I got married at 25 and gave up playing in about 1981/2.
Before I got the internet in 2002, I thought I was the only person in the world who still listened to Rory Gallagher - honestly I thought everyone had forgotten him.
OK, the internet, lets put Rory Gallagher in. YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thankyou, for this.
Rory Gallagher, loads of people out there still love him. Jen, look at this, there is a Rory Gallagher Festival in Ireland, look, look, Jesus Christ we have got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got to the 2nd Ballyshannon festival, and saw some amazing bands - Raw Gallagher and Sinnerboy were the stand-outs. The Band Of Friends were great, exept that I hated Dennis Greaves, coz he had no Rory connections.
We got back home, 2004 I think it must have been. I was nearly 50 and hadn't touched a bass for over 20 years. I said to Jen - can you imagine me playing in a Rory Gallagher Tribute band like those guys. We had a good laugh!
12 months later, back to Ballyshannon, 50 by know. Raw Gallagher, Sinnerboy, Laundromat, Brute Force and Ignorance, Shinkicker - I came back home, I was different. I was a very successful businessman, but what did that mean? We were looking at new houses, we were pretty rich at this point, I had great success as a businessman and we were looking at some old farmhouse type of things.
Anyway, we see this place on top of a mountain, and it has some outbuildings. Jen loved it, I loved the old shed, coz it was going to be my new guitar-shed. We moved in, I got a bass again and an amp - guess what I could still play, I remembered everything - Tattoo'd Lady, my 1st love, Messing With The Kid, Walk On Hot Coals. I wasn't very good, but I remembered everything. I was just messing about in my shed by myself, but I had this vision of being in a Rory band, playing Rory music; but I lived in Wales, sheep aint really into Rory Gallagher.
Anyway, a customer at work said - I play guitar I love Eric Clapton and blues. Ok, come up and we'll have a jam. Thankyou very much Julian Evans, you got me playing again. This guy came up 2 or 3 times every week, and we started to play Eric and stuff, then when he was ready I played him some Rory -- yes, I was playing Rory Gallagher again. We got a drummer, a singer, a piano player. We were a band, we rehearsed and played some gigs - I think we played Messin With The Kid, Walk On Hot Coals in the set of covers.
I was hooked. I started to rehearse again properly know, by myself, playing along to my primary influence as a bassman Gerry McAvoy. Played in another couple of bands, and I was playing pretty well at this point. Playing a set of blues-rock covers with 2 or 3 Rory songs in the set. Back to Ballyshannon, probably 2009 by know.
Look at these guys - Sinnerboy, Shinkicker, Wolfpin, man they are playing Rory Gallagher, and they are really doing it justice. Wouldn't it be great if I could play in a Rory Gallagher band - this is what I wanna do, I want to play rory music, just Rory music, all night long.
Just a dream I suppose, like wanting to make love to Gina Lollabridgida, play rugby for Wales, and football for Spurs. Lifes regrets, dreams never achieved. BBBBBBBUUUUUUUTTTTTT --
I had discovered Rory Gallagher twice - 1st in 1972 as a kid, then again in the 3rd millennium as a wise old man. I was know playing in a really good covers band, with a professional drummer, who amongst other things loved Rory Gallagher. I heard about Sinnerboy splitting up and Barry being desperate for a new rhythm section. Jonny Brutal is a great drummer, a pro, he could do the job. Could I be good enough to be the bassman? Jesus Christ, its now or never - Jon do you fancy this? Yes, ok lets give it a go.
1st rehearsal, Barry Barnes in my shed, Jonny is late so Barry and me are warming up ---- fuckme, I'm so nervous I can't play a note. I'm like a 14 year old with his first girl, I can't even play a note. Do you want a coffee Barry? Perhaps its a good idea to wait for my mate Jonny - the drums can block out my fumbling.
Coffee out, Jonny in, lets go. I tell Barry it has to be Tattoo'd Lady 1st, I'm 17 and its 1972 again. Jesus Christ I can play it. I'm playing Tattoo'd Lady with Barry Barnes and Jonny Brutal, and I can do it. I'm a very sexual person, and I've got this thing under my bass guitar and I'm honestly nearly having an orgasm. I settle down a bit and we play about 12 Rory songs.
It's a dream playing with Barry Barnes - this guy plays like Rory Gallagher, I'm in a semi-trance like state --- this is August 2011 by the way. Jonny Brutal plays Rory Gallagher like he has been playing it for ever. Barry Barnes has been playing Rory for ever. Well at least I've found a drummer for Sinnerboy. I know I've done really well, but these 2 guys are professional musicians, and Ive only ever played in pub bands, it was a great experience, and just for one moment I had achieved my dream, I had played Rory Gallaghers music with 2 guys who did it justice. Bullfrog Blues, bass solo - it wasn't perfect, but I have always done a good Bullfrog solo, the only solo I have ever done, ever.
I know Barry will want Jonny - he is a great drummer. Coffee sit down, I know whats coming, but I'm happy I got the chance, I played Rory Gallaghers music with two professional musicians, and I did really well, I can die happy now. Thanks for the blow Barry.
Barry Barnes - "Jonny, you are great, the finished article - Nick, you are not the finished article, but you are a much better bass player than you think you are". "You were very nervous, but if you relax, I think we can make a go of this". WWWWHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT???????????????
Sinnerboy Mark 3, are now on the road - I'm living the dream. Thankyou Barry Barnes, I will never forget the faith you put in me. Soon we will be In Your Town.
1972 and 2003 - the dates I started listening to Rory Gallagher, as a boy and as a man. Thanks to John Roberts for showing me Rory in 1972.
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Re: How did you start listening to Rory?

Postby shadowplay57 » 28 Jan 2012, 15:37

Question for nick. You mentioned Raw Gallagher. When i moved to Hull about 5 years ago i noticed they were playing at a venue called the springhead i was told they played there a few times so i thought i must go and see them but they hav'nt played there since so i never got to see them. Are they still giggin.
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