Cork Rocks For Rory and Ger 2019

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Cork Rocks For Rory and Ger 2019

Postby SUBY1974 » 20 Feb 2019, 00:07

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Re: Cork Rocks For Rory and Ger 2019

Postby SUBY1974 » 13 Jun 2019, 20:54

Amazing trip as always. A review of the festival and photos to follow soon. As well as a review of the new Rory Blues Album. Subrata. x
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Re: Cork Rocks For Rory and Ger 2019

Postby SUBY1974 » 16 Nov 2019, 21:35

Our trip to Corks Rocks for Rory and Ger 2019 was absolutely amazing this year.
We arrived in Cork on the 8/6/2019 and had a meal at The Metrople ( great food at this venue by the way) and headed straight to Cyprus Avenue.
It was great to see Sinnerboy and we caught up with everyone in the Rory Family of friends, musicians and fans.
The evening was great and I really loved Brian Tambling band. Brian is a great guitar player and played great Rory solo pieces.
Sinnerboy’s Barry, John and Bri gave a great performance as always and I loved how at one point Brian, Barry and Bri played altogether on stage. It was a great night to remember Rory and Ger. We all had a great time.
I also liked the new refurbishments at both Cyprus Avenue and The Metropole hotel.
Next day on the Sunday Susie and I went to visit Blackrock Castle. This castle is featured in backround when Rory gave an interview for at the Savoy in 1972. It also featured in a music article in 1977, when Rory gave an interview to a Japanese magazine. Donal is pictured at Blackrock castle, maybe with their father or Uncle Jimmy.
Anyway if you want to know the history of Blackrock castle see this link here:-
It is now an observatory and its great for adults and kids alike. They have a great exhibition of planets, stars, space travel and they honour women astronauts and scientists. Susie, I and others went into a tent, that reminded me of a womb! They showed us the constellations of stars through a projector on the cieling that passed Cork in the month of May 2019. It is fascinating and the lady showing the demonstration talked about quantum physcis...a subject I like.
It was rainnig very heavily ( i love Cork rain) but our lovely guide took us up to the turrets of the tower. It was just awesome to see the mouth of the River Lee. Here pirates would invade Cork, so Blackrock Castle was essential for defence. The views from there are awesome to behold and we stood next to the telescope.
We did see the dungeons and where they fired cannons.
There is a picnic area and gift shops and the ladies toilets have a muriel dedicated to the planets etc.
I wanted add after seeing Greenich Observatory in London last summer, it was great to see Blackrock Observatory. I have some interest in space.
We then took a taxi straight to Kinsale Harbour for our table lunch booking at The Spaniard. I know Rory, Gerry and Ted would eat here and Rory felt at peace in Kinsale. It is our third visit there and Susie and I love it, as much as Rory did. The Spaniard is a pub and restaurant hight up on a clliff in Kinsale harbour, again with amazing views. So peaceful and tranquil. We will definitely eat there again.
That evening Sinnerboy did a free gig at South Douglas County Bar in Cork and we had a great time.
The final stay in Cork was on Monday 10th of June 2019. We visited Rory and his mum in the morning at St Olivers with gifts. Its always emotional and humbling.
It was a shopping day for Susie and I later in the afternoon. We really just wandered around town and spent some time at the Dervish shop. They have a great bookshop there and obviously that is the first place I went. They have a lovely cushioned sitted area and you can look out on to the street. We also climbed St Patricks Hill because we love the view and we feel closer to Rory.
We always buy our meal from Sakura Japanese restaurant and love hanging around the man-made waterfall in McCurtain street behind one of the pubs.
Its safe to say we know Rory’s hometown of Cork very well now. It feels like a “second home” away from home.
Next day we flew home. There will be no Sinnerboy Irish Tour in 2020. But I hope we can visit Cork again in 2021 or even Ballyshannon. I may go to one of the Sinnerboy gigs either in London or Edinburgh if they are playing next year.
I did see the Sinnerboy gig in Bannermans Edinburgh this year and again it was lovely to see Barry, John and Bri. It was great to see Susie and her family and visit Edinburgh Butterfly House. Again last year I visited the mini butterfly house at the Natural History Museum in London.
It was a great way of finishing the Rory reunion gigs of 2019 this year and remembering those we have lost. Subrata. Xx

Pictures to follow.
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