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Re: RORY GALLAGHER International FESTIVAL 2016

Postby Jay Jay » 12 Jun 2016, 15:04

The bands I would point out especially at the RORY GALLAGHER Festival 2016 are The Aiden Pryor Band and The Mississippi Sheiks..
These are all great young guys in their 20's that will take RORY's Music onto the next generation. Playing with great skill and passion..
# Just put your future in these young boys band's hands # :) :) :) :) :) :)

Aiden Pryor Band.jpg

The Mississippi Sheiks.jpg

Slainte, Jay Jay
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Re: RORY GALLAGHER International FESTIVAL 2016

Postby Roardog » 14 Jun 2016, 23:25

Does anyone know if "in your town" that played Ballyshannon this year have a website or Facebook page? Was looking but couldn't find any details.
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Re: RORY FEST Ballyshannon & Cork ROCKS for RORY 2015

Postby Edged in Blue » 15 Jun 2016, 12:42

Well I cannot believe 2 weeks ago we were in Ballyshannon what an amazing Festival, all these years I have been going I must say it has to be the best. ALL the musicians played their hearts out with love, passion & dedication over the weekend and the place rocked constantly you were all AWESOME.

Barry O`Neill and staff need medals for pulling off such a fantastic Festival making it such an enjoyable place to be and keeping us all safe. You know Rory must of been looking down on us and must of been so very proud.
It was SO lovely seeing all my Rory friends from around the globe and especially meeting new friends too, Rory`s family continues to grow beautifully.

Well, booked up now to see Sinnerboy at The Venue, Selby 24th June and The Flowerpot, Derby 25th June all the bands need our continued support who ever they may be to keep Rory`s music alive.

One last thing to JJ many thanks for keeping me safe and taking care of me it is much appreciated.

See you around folks, take care - bigs hugs & loves Annette xxx
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