Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers @ Cork March RORY FEST 2015

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Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers @ Cork March RORY FEST 2015

Postby thedruid » 06 Feb 2015, 23:52

Saturday March 14th: 10pm

Ziggy's Rock'n'Blues Fest for RORY 2015
Ziggy's Rock'n'Blues Bar Cork, Ireland

Another jaw-dropping performance by Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers with a Rory Gallagher special show at Ziggy's Rock'n'Blues Bar Cork on Saturday March 14th. Come along and find out why so many venue owners are saying Gerry is the best guitarist they’ve heard in Ireland since Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore or Eric Bell.

Gerry Quigley was taught to play by Eric Bell at age 14 - so it's no surprise ... the student is now a master in his own right.

Prepare to be captivated ...

This is the main event for Ziggy's Rock'n'Blues FEST for RORY 2015
The first two weekends in March … March is Rory Gallagher Month at Ziggy's ... a calendar of fun (& FREE) activities & events ...
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