RORY Special in Cork Nov 22nd/23rd The Shinkickers

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RORY Special in Cork Nov 22nd/23rd The Shinkickers

Postby Sharon Quigley » 12 Nov 2014, 04:51

Cork City
Sat Nov 22nd ZIggys Rock & Blues Bar 10pm
Sun Nov 23rd Crane Lane Theatre midnignt show

Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers will do another long-awaited Rory special feature at Ziggys Rock & Blues Bar Cork on Sat Nov 22nd.
and again at Crane Lane Theatre on Sun Nov 23rd in memory of Rory's christmas gigs as Gerry knows so well he went to every gig in Dublin.
When he was learning to play guitar as a youngster Gerry would listen for hours as he analysed the sound and techniques on every single Rory song. Gerry really does know Rory's music inside out and no matter what song Gerry is playing, he uses the same guitar as the original artist so you are guaranteed of not only the authentic feel but also the authentic tone and sound. You will see Gerry play his ecclectic collection of at least 6 guitars, including his Gibson Les Paul, of course a Strat, Dobro slide, Telecaster, Gibson 135, a mandolin, and a unique double-neck mandola/bouzouki played like you've never heard before!

Not a tribute band, Gerry writes some awesome originals too which they will be playing on the night with some awesome classic blues/rock in the mix. But the night will focus on Rory's music, Rory fans you will be in for a real treat!

When Gerry was living in Australia for 30 years, Dublin born and raised Gerry Quigley loved Rory's music so much that he named the band after a Rory song when he formed The Shinkickers 23 years ago in Australia, which was actually 4 years before Rory died. He's always played a few Rory tunes at every single Shinkickers show for the past 23 years and also made sure all his guitar students learned Rory Gallagher's music. Gerry brought Rory Gallagher to Perth and Western Australia through The Shinkickers and his guitar teaching.

Now based in Cork, Gerry has formed the Irish lineup of his long-running band with 4 other Cork musicians including 2 who have also been with the band in Australia at various times and are also now based in Cork.

This Shinkickers special feature weekend of blues/rock will include many of your favourite Rory classics along with Gerry's own awesome original blues and classic blues/rock.
I've never heard anybody play so good since I saw Gary Moore or Eric Bell;
You would think it really was Rory up there playing"
are all comment's the band has heard recently since they've been amazing the crowds at their Cork gigs.

Gerry was taught how to play guitar by Eric Bell when he was 14 years old. Eric didn't usually teach guitar lessons but Gerry's older brother talked his friend Eric into giving Gerry a few guitar lessons to get him started. Gerry remembers the valuable skills and advice which Eric taught him which no doubt set him on the way to become a guitar legend in his own right. You might remember Gerry from his 70's Dublin heavy rock band Raw Deal with fellow guitarist Gerry Hendrix.

For Rory fans its definitely worth the trip to Cork City for this weekend of Rory and Gerry Quigley magic and madness with two amazing shows!

Ziggy's is Cork's Rory Gallagher Bar and the owner is currently expanding the display of Rory Gallagher memorabilia including
a good selection of photos taken in and around Cork City by Ireland's pioneering rock photographer of the 70's Liam Quigley along with a great selection of memorabilia.

Crane Lane Theatre is Corks' award-winning live music venue (IMRO awards 2013) with live music 7 nights a week and like the show at Ziggy's also promises to be an amazing show you'll be talking about for a long time.

For more details about Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers including youtube links see
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